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Consumer alerts on products to avoid + reviews by Adams

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Five products to avoid buying... and six more that earn a thumbs up!

Dear readers,


I've compiled a consumer shopping guide containing alerts about products to avoid as well as recommendations on products that are truly outstanding. I've personally tested every single product mentioned here, so these are all hands-on reviews.


As always, I have no financial relationships whatsoever with these companies, and I earn nothing if you purchase these products. This is truly independent, unbiased information.




We recently published a revealing article explaining that these so-called "diamond" non-stick cookware products are actually made with the same chemical as Teflon (a DuPont brand name). Plus, they scratch easily using a common fork and are not at all "indestructible" as claimed by their promotional literature. I posted videos and pictures to prove that the Swiss Diamond pans are being fraudulently marketed:


Beware of anything sold by "Prestige Camera" out of NY. This company runs a number of dishonest gimmicks and bait-and-switch tactics on photographic gear, including video cameras and digital cameras. Read my full review at:

Better choice? Buy your camera gear from


I was initially excited about this system and even authored a positive review. But right after I wrote the review (which was never published), things started to go wrong. The water container started leaking, the ozone started escaping from the container (which is a potential health hazard if you're standing around inhaling ozone), and the unit began having serious electrical problems.


I called Tersano, the manufacturer, and it turns out that all the Lotus Water Treatment System products were manufactured for 120 volts AC. And yet most U.S. households don't deliver exactly 120 volts. So the Lotus system just shuts off half-way through the water dispensing cycle. It's a problem affecting all Lotus units and the Tersano engineers are "working on a solution."


Perhaps the next version of this product will be worth recommending, but the current version being sold today is too buggy. The water leaking problem is also not pleasant when you come home and find water all over your kitchen counter and floor. It's like buying a water FILTER but ending up with a water SPILL-ter.


This device claims to be a revolutionary air cleaner that removes dust from the air in your home while humidifying at the same time. It basically blows air through a cylinder that rotates through a container of water. I tested two different units and found them both to be all but useless. In my experience, they trapped virtually no dust and simply functioned as the most expensive humidifiers you could possibly buy (as in $300 - $400!).


They claim to be #1 in Europe, and they certainly come with the European price, but not the European quality I was expecting. HEPA air filters work much better, and they cost a lot less. A good source is:


This is a small ozone-producing device designed to be placed in a refrigerator to keep your produce fresh. Nice concept, but it uses four D batteries that seem to last only a few hours, at least in my experience. I don't know about you, but I'm not interested in buying another set of 4 D batteries every day just to produce a little ozone in my fridge.



Here's a quick collection of outstanding products that I highly recommend.


These new ceramic knives (with the white, plastic-looking blades) are ideal for slicing veggies in the kitchen. Plus, the non-steel blades won't oxidize the edges of your lettuce or other produce. I bought mine from Sharper Image, but they're available everywhere now. A great gift for someone who's into cooking. Prices typically run $49 for a set of two. Just be aware that they are not as strong as stainless steel knives, and they can be broken easily if you try to use them like tools to pry things apart.


This device is the best I've found yet for generating quality sound that fills your room. While most sound conditioners use really cheap sound samples that have detectable loop artifacts (like the HoMedics line, which have terrible quality), this device from Brookstone actually sounds good. It has everything from white noise to meditation and relaxation sounds. Find it at:


By the way, it also beats the Sharper Image Sound Soother system which seemed promising at first, but conked out after only two months and now refuses to work at all.


I can't say enough about the Sony Reader. This is the new portable book reading device using breakthrough e-Paper technology. This device really works. It's outstanding. A genuine breakthrough in portable book technology. Of course, at $350 a pop, you really have to like reading books to buy this device, but if you're looking for a device that let's you read books, text files, PDF files and .doc files on the go, without requiring a laptop computer, this is the top choice. It's currently available at or local Borders bookstores:


Click here to see Sony's website on the Sony Reader.


Want some real macadamia nuts, direct from the farm that grows them? You'll love the nuts at South Kona Macs. They use no pesticides or herbicides on their farm, and they have a unique drying technique that makes their macs extra crunchy and shelf-stable for much longer than typical mac nuts. Plus, all the healthy oils in macadamia nuts are good for your cardiovascular system, nervous system and blood sugar control.

Tell 'em you heard about them from NewsTarget and you'll get a smile:


This little hummer of a digital camera is unbelievably useful. It's not only extremely portable (about the size of a deck of cards), it also records MP4 (MPEG-4) video, including great-sounding audio and 30fps video, right to SD cards. You can now buy a 2GB SD card from for $39 (look for the Kingston brand) and record one hour of decent quality video with this Casio camera.


It's not DV quality or anything, but it's good enough for web videos (which is what I bought it for). It's also the tiniest video recorder you'll find on the market. There's nothing that comes close to the portability of this for recording 30fps (frames per second) video. I bought mine through


Oh, and by the way, the LCD display on the back of this camera is really bright. You can even see it in direct sunlight. Very nice technology, highly recommended. Even the photos look great.


This device really works. Like magic. Pop in a couple of AA batteries (which last for weeks), select your city, and within minutes, you start receiving a surprisingly accurate, visually-displayed five-day weather forecast.


This device just works. There are no cables, no drivers, no software, no subscriptions. It simply does what it's supposed to do, without giving you any problems. It apparently tunes in to radio signals that cover 90% of the U.S. population. (Sorry, it doesn't work outside the U.S. as far as I know.) The device costs about a hundred bucks. See details at:


That's all for this issue, folks. Hope you found value in these hands-on reviews.


To your health,
- Mike Adams
Consumer health advocate


P.S. We'll be covering some of these recommended products in more detail in future product reviews. Watch the website for updates.



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