Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bernie Mac another casualty of conventional medicine?

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Sadly, comedian Bernie Mac has passed away while being treated by doctors. At the young age of 50, there's no reason he should have died so early... Except that doctors previously suppressed his immune system with powerful medications, and yesterday, his immune system was unable to fight off an infection that took his life.


We'll all miss Bernie Mac's comedy and charm. It is sad that conventional medicine never told him about the natural treatment options that could have given him another 20 - 30 years of quality life. Read more details on this breaking news in today's story:


Today we also bring you terrific stories on:


* How to lower your cholesterol with artichoke leaves

* Which summer fruits pack the most antioxidants

* How fluorescent lights cause eczema

* Why sun exposure SAVES lives!

* How to heal hemorrhoids with herbs


It's all right here:


Health: Bernie Mac Another Casualty of Conventional Medicine?
(NaturalNews) The number of famous people dying at the hands of conventional medical doctors is increasing at an alarming rate. Today comedian Bernie Mac (best known for appearing in Oceans Eleven and The Bernie Mac Show) died today following...

Health: Artichoke Leaf Extract Lowers Cholesterol
When people think of artichokes, most only think of artichokes sold as a vegetable in grocery stores and aren't aware of the healing properties of the artichoke leaf. Artichoke leaf extract (ALE) is an extract of the leaves at the base of...

Health: Contact With Birds Not Required to Contract Bird Flu Infection
(NaturalNews) The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that it may be possible to contract the avian flu without coming into direct contact with infected poultry. In a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, WHO researchers...

Health: Could Your Thoughts Be Preventing You From Curing Your Acne?
When it comes to curing acne, which is more important: what you do or what you think? If you said what you do, you are wrong. The key to curing acne is in your mind. Not in your hands. Thinking about getting clear is much more important than...

Technology: High-Tech Companies Put Selected Patents in Eco-Patent Commons for Open Sharing
(NaturalNews) Computer giant IBM has announced the launch of a program to place certain patented inventions in the public domain, in the interest of encouraging innovation in the field of environmentally friendlier technology. IBM, Sony, Nokia and...

Health: Ecologist Shares on Well Water and the Steps to Cleaner Water
This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Renegade Water Secrets, which can be found at ( . In this excerpt, Jim McMahon shares on well water and steps to cleaner water. Renegade Water Secrets...

Health: The Summer Fruits of Good Health - Antioxidants Explained
Summer is upon us and with the warm weather comes a cornucopia of delightful fruits and vegetables that not only taste great but are excellent health boosters as well! Fruits and vegetables are packed with powerful antioxidants that can lower...

Technology: Fluorescent Light Bulbs Linked with Eczema, Seizures, Migraines, Skin Rashes
(NaturalNews) Health advocates have warned that the United Kingdom's plan to phase out conventional light bulbs in favor of fluorescents may lead to serious health problems for people with light-sensitive medical conditions. "Incandescent light bulbs...

Health: CVS Pharmacies to Open More In-Store Clinics to Diagnose Patients, Prescribe and Sell Drugs on Site
(NaturalNews) Following a regulatory decision by the State of Massachusetts, CVS has announced plans to open more than two dozen private health care clinics inside its Massachusetts drug stores in the next year. CVS MinuteClinics are for-profit health...

Health: Getting to the Heart of Women's Health
Cardiovascular Disease has long been thought of as a man's disease while in reality it is the leading cause of death among women today. This year 435,000 women in America will have heart attacks with over half of them resulting in death....

Health: Sun Exposure Saves Ten Times as Many Lives Via Vitamin D than Die From Skin Cancer
(NaturalNews) The number of lives saved by people doubling their sun exposure might be 10 times higher than the number of fatal skin cancers that would result, according to a study conducted by researchers at the Institute for Cancer Research in Oslo...

Health: In-the-Wild Superbug Strains All Evolved From Single Rapidly-Mutating Bacterium
(NaturalNews) All the major strains of "superbug" methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) that have been alarming public health officials evolved from a single strain within the last few years, according to a study conducted by researchers...

Health: Heal Hemorrhoids Naturally With Herbs
The old method of treating hemorrhoids using pads soaked with a solution of witch hazel (an astringent and healing tree, from which the bark is usually used as the medicine), was and is (when you can find a quality product) an effective treatment...


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