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Melamine found in U.S. infant formula, FDA hides names of manufacturers

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When the FDA found out that U.S. infant formula products were contaminated with the deadly chemical melamine (which it promised would never happen), instead of alerting the public, it chose to HIDE the names of the companies. Only after the AP filed a Freedom of Information Act request did the FDA reluctantly hand over the names of the manufacturers. Read this shocking story of yet another FDA betrayal of the American public here:


Is Resveratrol the fountain of youth? New research shows astonishing benefits for longevity:


... and Byron Richard authors an excellent technical article on Resveratrol's health benefits here:


I've also posted an article explaining 12 things I'm thankful for on this Thanksgiving weekend:

(Some of it's serious, some is satire...)


Lots more news below:



Today's Breaking News:


FDA Hid Names of Melamine Contaminated Infant Formula Products from the Public
True Cost of U.S. Financial Bailout Exceeds $8.5 Trillion
Resveratrol Longevity Secret Unlocked by Scientists: It's the Chromosomes!
Eating Fish May Save Diabetics from Kidney Disease
Teens Remain Dangerously Ignorant of Destructive Health Effects of Junk Food


Today's Feature Stories:


Twelve Things to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving - Health Ranger
(NaturalNews) It's that time of the year again... time to stop complaining about what's wrong with the country and count your blessings about what's right. And here, in this Thanksgiving weekend article, I'm spilling out my bleeding heart on all the things...

Upgrade Your Fuel Mix and Personalize Your Diet
How many times have you heard the saying, "You are what you eat" and, on hearing it, asked yourself this simple question, "What exactly does that mean"? In our current world of information overload, maybe even info-glut, we receive so much...

Study Shows Link Between Diet and Stress Induced Cancer
Will the stress in your life cause you to develop cancer? The answer to this question may depend on what you eat according to a study published in the August, 2008 edition of the International Journal of Oncology. Researchers examined...

How Media Drives Obesity in Children and Simple Counter Tactics
One the most important indicators of the state of health of Americans today may be the ever increasing rate of overweight and obese children. The Institute of Medicine has found that one-third of American children are either obese or at risk...

A Powerful, Beauty Enhancing Oil from Morocco
The Berber tribal women of Morocco have been lavishing their skin with argan oil for thousands of years. These women are known for their colorful jewelry and makeup, and have been the sole cultivators of this nourishing oil, which is nicknamed...

Study Shows Students choosing 'Snack Size' Portions Eat More
(NaturalNews) People who select smaller, "snack-size" packages of foods like cookies or chips actually end up eating more than people who select larger packages, according to a study conducted by researchers from Tilburg University in the Netherlands...

Two Simple Ways to Avoid Weight Gain
Eating too much means excessive caloric intake. Sitting too much, on the other hand, reduces caloric usage. It is thus simple common sense that both of these dietary and lifestyle habits can cause weight gain. However, two recent studies...

Polyphenols in Dried Plums Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis
(NaturalNews) The naturally occurring polyphenols in dried plums (prunes) may encourage bone formation and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, according to a study conducted by researchers from Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma Health...

Is Resveratrol the Fountain of Youth?
There are a lot of great anti-aging and metabolism boosting nutrients: DHA, pantethine, acetyl-l-carnitine, carnosine, R-alpha lipoic acid, grape seed extracts – the list goes on and on. In fact, most nutrients help cells function better and thus live...

Thinning Hair in Women: Warning Sign of Underlying Health Issues
Hair is probably a woman's most important feature. Signs of thinning hair can take the sail out of almost any woman's day. It may seem vain to pay so much attention to hair, but signs of thinning hair are really the first signals of such...

Holiday Vegan Raw Organic Recipes: Save Your Health, Time, Money and the Planet
People often ask me what sort of Raw Organic Vegan Recipes can I make for the holidays? Well now you can rejoice because I have created special Holiday Raw Organic recipes that are also Eco/Green and will help save our Planet! For those that...

Smoking Linked to Bladder Cancer
(NaturalNews) Smoking strongly increases a person's risk of developing bladder cancer - a risk that the majority of the population seems to be unaware of, according to a new analysis conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan Comprehensive...

Children Who Eat with Family Enjoy Better Health as Adults
Research throughout the years has shown that eating together as a family leads to better nutrition. This includes greater intake of health foods, reduced consumption of junk foods, and optimum weight. Studies also show that family meals are...

Study Shows Peanut Protein Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
(NaturalNews) It's not just peanut oil that is healthy for your heart, but peanut protein as well, according to the results of a study conducted by researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and presented...

It's Official: Health Insurance will Fund Maggot Therapy
Maggot therapy for helping wounds to heal is increasingly finding a role in modern medical procedures thanks in part to mankind's all-too-clever profit-centered approach to health care, which has created monstrous new bacterial villains such...

Lessen Your Baby's Toxic Load (Part 3): Skin and Bath Products
Baby care products such as shampoos, lotions and powders fall under cosmetics` regulations and the FDA is not required to test their safety. The only way to be assured a product will not contain harmful compounds is that it be certified organic...

Half-a-Dozen Healthy Reasons for Eating More of the Green Stuff
Broccoli is steadily carving itself a reputation as a real 'super-food'. Far from being a strange pill-full of processed powders that contains extracts of exotic plants from unknown areas of the deep-jungle – broccoli and its relatives in...

Taxing Veterinary Services: Benefits are Questionable
Governor Schwarzenegger of California has proposed a new tax on veterinary services; specifically on veterinary services and treatments. If the California bill gets passed, or if other states plan the same taxation, will the proceeds benefit...

Thanksgiving in Washington (comic)
There's certainly one group of people who have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: The white-collar criminals in Washington who are looting the U.S. Treasury and stealing trillions of dollars from taxpayers. That's what this financial...




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Health: NaturalNews Releases Photo Tour of the Valley of Longevity: Vilcabamba, Ecuador
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