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FDA approves stevia - era of oppression ends!

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Merry Christmas to all NaturalNews readers! Celebrate this holiday in a genuine way, and don't give in to the consumer massploitation that I'll be ranting about in an upcoming article - watch for that in the next email.


With winter storms sweeping across North America, bundle up, folks! And remember your winter nutrition: Vitamin D and zinc will help protect you from colds and flus (much better than a flu shot, by the way). You can also boost immune function with olive leaf extract, echinacea, vitamin C and lots of different herbs (like cat's claw). Drink some of that delicious herbal "treasure" tea from the Amazon Herb Co!


Remember, virtually all Americans (and Canadians and Brits, too...) are vitamin D deficient during the winter months. Boost your vitamin D from supplements or fish oils to protect your health.


The big news today? The FDA has approved stevia as a legal ingredient in foods and beverages. (GRAS approved.) But it's not for the reasons you think. Read my full explanation of the politics behind this decision here:


Lots more news below, including news about the attack on vitamins, BPA-free cans for food, how to use H2O2 for healing and much more... (see below)



Today's Breaking News:

FDA Approves Stevia, Ends the Era of Oppression of this Herbal Sweetener
EPA Declares Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Must be Studied in Combination, not Isolation


Today's Feature Stories:


JAMA Anti-Vitamins Studies Flawed
Scientific research isn't as simple as portrayed in movies or fiction – and the results certainly are rarely as simple as what is reported by the mainstream (and, too often, lazy) media. A case in point: the news that two studies just published...

Thiamine Found Important for Diabetics
Although most cases of Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by eliminating sugar and refined carbohydrates, the number of people with this disease, including children, just keeps exploding as does the number of dialysis centers. Type 2 diabetes...

High Carbohydrate Diets Named as a Cause for Candida
The idea that diet is linked to health is becoming mainstream knowledge. Many illnesses are being linked to the food we eat. Candida is yet another medical condition that can often be resolved simply by changing certain eating habits–mainly...

Caring for Spouse Lengthens Life
Wise men throughout the ages have taught us the value of giving and sharing. And, on our wedding day, we vow to take care of our spouses "in sickness and in heath, till death do us part". Now, a recent study has given us a piece of empirical...

Prevent Cavities Naturally
Daily, careful brushing and flossing are important for preventing cavities and gum disease. Heredity has also been shown to play a part in how healthy a person's mouth is as well. However, an often overlooked way to improve the health of...

Dishonest Pet Food and Treat Labels
If you think it's challenging sorting through slick marketing to find a nutritious dog food or cat food, it's even worse with dog and cat treats. The American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and the FDA considers a pet treat...

NF3 in Microchips May be the Missing Greenhouse Gas
(NaturalNews) A chemical widely used to manufacture microchips and flat-screen monitors and televisions has 17,000 times the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide, but remains unregulated under domestic laws or international treaties, a team of atmospheric...

Dead Animals Found in Children's Crayons
No paragraph should begin with 'Renderers convert dead animals into…' and end with 'crayons.' Yet this is exactly how the Introduction Paragraph started and ended in a report provided to the 108th Congress in 2004. The report provided to...

Get Moving, Avoid Pain and Amputation: Exercise Can Beat Peripheral Arterial Disease
According to the American Heart Association (AHA), about 8 million Americans have the most common form of peripheral vascular disease (PVD) known as peripheral arterial disease, or PAD. The risk of PAD increases as we get older and, by age...

Only Two Companies in US Confirm Using BPA-Free Cans
Given these uncertain times, it makes sense to have a reserve food supply. Canned food not only provides long term storage and survives external contamination, but also provides a back up in the event of a food shortage. However, it turns...

The Dying World: Healing Methods Increasingly Fail
What happened to the world? Where did we go wrong? Is it as hopeless as it is beginning to appear? This article will illuminate the increasing failure rate of all forms of medicine and healing and will isolate four possible reasons why this...

Knowledge for a Revolution: Five Ways to Change the World
Much of western society has been inherently taught through the establishment of educational institutions that knowledge of the world, people and events solely emanates from textbooks, scholars and the media. Historically, the mass education...

Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Heal and Stay Healthy
Hydrogen peroxide has helped many people fight off flu and colds and when drops are placed in the ear it seems to be effective four out of five times used. This is especially true if this is done promptly upon onset of symptoms. The belief...

CLA Supplements Support Fat Burning and Weight Loss
With all of the hype flooding the media about natural weight loss supplements, it's difficult to separate fact from fiction. Supplements that contain CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) have been heavily promoted as a powerful natural weight loss...

Exercise Improves Health of Elderly with Dementia
(NaturalNews) Elderly dementia patients who exercise regularly have better mental and physical health than those who do not, according to the findings of two recent studies. In the first study, conducted by researchers from Dong-Eui University in Busan...

Reduction in Stress Can Save You from the Flu
There is a host of conclusive studies indicating something as simple as reducing stress could save you from a nasty cold or debilitating flu this season. We all know about recommendations to wash our hands often, get enough sleep and drink...

Food Recycling on the Rise in Japan
(NaturalNews) Rising food, fertilizer and fuel costs have led to a boom in Japan's food recycling industry, with formerly reluctant farmers turning to recycled animal feed in droves. Japan imports approximately 75 percent of all its animal feed, including...


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