Monday, June 25, 2007

Eco-friendly product winners + skin health secrets

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Today we're announcing the winners of our eco-friendly product drawing for all NewsTarget Insider subscribers. The seven winners for Jan 2007 - July 2007 are:


John M. in Russellville, AR
Angela N. in Columbia, MO
James M. in Swartz Creek, MI
Patricia H. in Deland, FL
Tom S. in Plover, WI
France D. in Montreal, Quebec
Crystal W. in Berkeley, CA


Each of these winners is being shipped $100 worth of LED lights, courtesy of my company (which now has new, lower-cost LED light bulbs in stock). You can read full details of the eco-friendly giveaway below. Stay subscribed to the NewsTarget Insider and you may be a future winner! (We select one winner each month from the current subscriber base.)


Also today: An article about the link between skin health and the health of your large intestine. As it turns out, these two large organs mirror each other's health condition! Click any headline below to read the full story:


Health: NewsTarget announces eco-friendly product winners
Subscribing to the NewsTarget e-mail newsletter can make you a winner of eco-friendly products! We've just completed the random selection of seven subscribers who are now being sent $100 each in eco-friendly products. Those winners are: John M. in...

Health: How your skin health reflects the health of your large intestine (and other holistic principles of wellness)
Did you know that the health of your large intestine is reflected in the health of your skin? Your large intestine and skin are organs that interact with the environment. They both absorb and emit chemicals, water, and other metabolic products. The large...

To your health,

- Mike Adams


Coupon Codes for NewsTarget subscribers

These are the discounts we've negotiated for NewsTarget readers (we earn nothing on these products):


Good Cause Wellness: Free Blender Bottle with purchase of any two aloe vera products

Adams' comments: An amazing new aloe vera gel powder. Medicinally active, yet easy to store and use. Add a teaspoon to any smoothie recipe.

Use code: NTBB


Empowered Foods: Free shipping on any order over $50 (cont. U.S. only)

Adams' comments: An amazing assortment of 100% raw and delicious chocolate + superfood products.

Use code: newstarget


Wellness Resources: An extra 5% discount off for NewsTarget readers

Adams' comment: This is on TOP of the existing discounts at Wellness Resources, which are around 25%. Outstanding products with quality ingredients. This is Byron Richards' company.

Use code: NEWSTARGET (Must be entered in ALL CAPS)

Eidon Minerals: Free shipping on any order over $50 for NewsTarget readers
Adams' comment: Outstanding source of trace minerals. I recommend the 2 oz. concentrates.
Use code: Eidon05

Theo Chocolate: 10% off any order over $30 for NewsTarget readers
Adams' comment: My favorite chocolate bar, with an incredible 92% cacao content. Made in Seattle.
Use code: THNT07 (enter it in the "comments" section on any order. The 10% off does not apply to shipping.) 10% off all products for NewsTarget readers
Adams' comment: I strongly recommend their Rejuvenate superfood product (which is already 10% off through June 1st), and their Kids Mighty-Multi (which is 25% off). Use this code to get an extra 10% off on top of that!
Use code: NT2007

More discount codes coming soon...

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