Saturday, February 14, 2009

New interview posted on Economic Stimulus bill, plus shocking video of L.A. destroying gardens

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This is a quick update to bring a few time-sensitive items to your attention that you may want to check out.

First, I've just posted an exclusive interview with Dr. Steve from his Real Health show. He interviews me about the economic stimulus bill (15 minutes duration). This was recorded just yesterday, and thanks to Dr. Steve, we got it posted here:

Dr. Steve's Real Health show is the best health podcast on the 'net, by the way. Listen to all 71 episodes here:

On a separate topic, when I saw this next YouTube movie, I finally came to realize that the human species is probably not going to make it. What YouTube movie could possibly have such a powerful impact on my perspective of the human race? Watch it yourself and you'll see:

Watch LAPD cops stand guard as the food supply of hundreds of poor L.A. families is being bulldozed into dust... this is madness in the extreme, and it's happening right here in the United States of America, by the orders of city officials!

If you're not already in tears after seeing that video, watch the aftermath of the city's bulldozers here: 

It's called The Destruction of South Central Farmers and it demonstrates why short-term, profit-based thinking will ultimately destroy sustainable human life on our planet. Keep in mind what you are watching it the city of Los Angeles destroying a community garden plot. It's like an apocalyptic future scene right out of Terminator, enforced at gunpoint by clueless city cops who are arresting the very citizens they should be protecting.

This story is mentioned in an important documentary you need to see (if you haven't seen it yet) called The End of Suburbia. It's an extremely intelligent film that takes a closer look at the structure of modern society and why the way most people live today isn't sustainable in the long run. You can watch this on Roku through Netflix ( or you can check out the film website here: (catch the trailer there).

By watching these films, you will come to understand the true challenges facing human civilization. The immediate financial bailout is the least of our problems: Human civilization simply cannot survive the mass consumption-based philosophy that dominates western thinking today. Short-term thinking is the surest path to self destruction. When will the human race grow up?

To your health,
- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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