Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Revolutionary new Health Freedom petition: Your signature requested! - please fwd.

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Dear NaturalNews readers,

This may be the most important email I've ever sent you.

Today, we've launched the much-anticipated Health Revolution Petition at www.HealthRevolutionPetition.org

This petition is a groundbreaking new petition that calls for real, revolutionary health freedom reforms in America! If its provisions are enacted, it would:

  • End FDA tyranny and oppression of natural product companies
  • End the persecution of alternative medicine and healing arts practitioners
  • Ban GMOs in the food supply and require honest labeling of irradiated foods
  • Protect America from CODEX "harmonization"
  • Allow full income tax deductions for ALL health-related expenditures (herbs, supplements, gym memberships, etc.)
  • Provide $350 a month in health care credits to each U.S. resident, allowing them to spend it on the health-enhancing products and services of their choice
  • End mandatory vaccination policies across America
  • Restore honest science to the FDA's review of drugs
  • Require the open publication of all drug trials
  • End Big Pharma's bribery of doctors
  • Hold drug company CEO's criminally liable for the harm caused by drugs they advertise to consumers
  • Restrict the advertising of junk foods and soda pop to children
  • Ban man-made, non-natural chemicals in personal care products
  • Invest in disease prevention and consumer education about nutrition
  • Protect the environment from dangerous drugs that pollute the water supply

... and more. If you believe in these things, and you are a resident or citizen of the USA, then please sign this petition right now at www.HealthRevolutionPetition.org 

We are gathering 100,000 signatures, then delivering this petition to every member of Congress (both House and Senate), plus President Obama and members of his administration. The costs for all this are being funded by the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center ( www.ConsumerWellness.org) where I serve as the volunteer executive director.

This is the health freedom petition you've been waiting for!

It's time that we stood together as free citizens and demanded the kind of revolutionary changes necessary to end the "sick care" system operating in America today. It's time to set natural healers free to practice medicine, to end the censorship of free speech about nutritional supplements, and to reel in the out-of-control FDA and FTC, both of which pursue an agenda of destroying health care alternatives such as natural anti-cancer remedies.

Listen to my powerful audio message about Activism!
(15 minutes, MP3 audio)

Send this email to everyone you know who deserves a brighter future, a better health care system and improved health. Standing up and demanding these changes is the ONLY way that We The People are ever going to overcome the highly destructive, FDA-enforced medical monopoly that kills more Americans each year than all the world's terrorists events combined!

We need 100,000 signatures to get this petition noticed in Washington. Anything less than 100,000 is likely to be ignored. Please help us achieve these 100,000 or more signatures by forwarding this email, signing the petition and sharing your unique petition sign-up link with others.

Endorsed by the top health freedom organizations

The Health Revolution Petition is endorsed by:

To your health,
- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com


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