Friday, March 13, 2009

Exposed: Twenty-one clinical trials based on fabricated data (plus other news)

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Twenty-one clinical drug trials frequently cited by physicians and pill pushers -- and published in prominent medical journals -- were based on fabricated data. And it's not just that the data were falsified, it's also that the doctor conducting the fraudulent research had taken money from one of the drug companies benefitting from his fraudulent research.


Read the full details on this astounding revelation about the fraud and corruption in conventional medicine here:


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Confirmed: The German shooter was taking psychiatric drugs before going on his shooting rampage:


Also today: HRT drugs cause breast cancer ( and teens suffer from chronic vitamin D deficiency (


A lot more news below...


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More news below...


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Today's Feature Stories:

Psychiatric Drug Use of German Shooter Confirmed: Kretschmer Withdrawing from Depression Treatment
(NaturalNews) Yesterday we reported on the recent school shooting in Germany, emphasizing the link between psychiatric medications and acts of extreme violence ( From the facts that were known yesterday, it was...

Teens in Danger from Epidemic of Low Vitamin D
America's teens too often are inside glued to their computers and video games instead of playing and even working outdoors like previous generations did. What's more, too many youngsters eat junk food instead of healthy whole foods. So there's...

Big Pharma CEO Fakes Cancer while Pill-Pushing Doctor Fakes Clinical Trial Results for Bextra, Effexor and Celebrex
(NaturalNews) The culture of deceit and fraud that permeates conventional medicine became even more apparent today with the announcement that Howard Richman, the former vice president of a pharmaceutical company named Biopure, faked his own cancer...

HRT Link to Breast Cancer "Confirmed," Says New England Journal of Medicine
(NaturalNews) A drop in the popularity of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has led to a concurrent drop in rates of breast cancer, according to a study conducted by researchers from Stanford University and published in the New England Journal of Medicine...

Ten Tips for Your Vegetarian Diet Plan
Vegetarians and vegans typically live longer and healthier lives. Lower body weight, good cholesterol levels, and less risk to diabetes ( are just a few reasons to become vegetarian or vegan. The...

Eating More Fruits and Vegetables Brings down Diabetes Risk
Poor lifestyle and dietary habits are, without doubt, a major cause of the escalating rates of diabetes in developed nations. A recent study conducted at the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and the Harvard School of Public...

Fast Today: Easy Juice Fasts for Beginners
Even the healthiest of people will benefit from a juice fast, or juice feast, as some refer to it. The idea behind it is that by giving the body no solid food to have to digest, it can use that saved digestion energy to fix any damage or...

The Quality of Your Health can Depend on Where You Live
Researchers have known for years of the connection between race and income and healthy eating. And lately, as our society struggles with issues of racial inequality and financial turmoil, news articles have been making the connection between...

FDA Scientists Accuse Agency of Corruption, Intimidation
(NaturalNews) A group of nine FDA scientists has sent letters to top politicians, accusing agency managers of intimidating and coercing scientists into changing or suppressing scientific data. In October, the scientists sent a letter to the House Energy...

Shootings in Germany, Alabama Underscore Violent Side Effects of Psychiatric Medications
(NaturalNews) A 17-year-old former student opened fire near Stuttgart, Germany, killing at least 16 people. The teenager was a former student at a Winnenden school, where he initiated the shooting spree. Three teachers and at least 10 students were killed...

Probiotics Found to Block Pneumonia in Critically Ill Patients
(NaturalNews) Probiotics are just as effective as conventional antiseptics at suppressing pneumonia-causing bacteria in the mouths of critically ill patients, according to a study conducted by researchers from University Hospital in Lund, Sweden, and...

Stop Federal Takeover of Food Regulation in H.R. 875
The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund recently reported the unveiling of the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 (H.R. 875) on Feb. 4, 2009, by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), to both...

Mint is an Ancient Healing Food
The story of mint begins with an ancient Greek myth. When Pluto began showering a wood nymph named Minthe with his affections, Persephone, Pluto's wife, became enraged. She cast a spell on Minthe and turned her into a garden plant. Pluto...

Prevent Myopia, Part I: The Cause
Myopia (nearsightedness) is an abnormal elongation of the eye, causing distant objects to appear blurred. Now, because of computer use and learning to read earlier in life, it is becoming an epidemic. In the US, roughly one-third of our children...

Garlic Boosts Overall Antioxidant Levels and Blocks Cancer
Garlic is probably nature's most potent food. It is one of the reasons people who eat the Mediterranean diet live such long healthy lives. Garlic is also a powerful performer in the research lab. Several new studies have documented its ability...

Potassium-Sodium Ratio is Crucial for Heart Health
Excessive sodium intake can be damaging for heart health. On the other hand, eating more potassium gives cardiovascular wellbeing a boost. A recent groundbreaking study has revealed that it is not just about the quantities of these two nutrients...

Top FDA Officials Say Preemption Policy Based on "False and Misleading" Information
(NaturalNews) Internal FDA documents have revealed that top agency officials strongly objected in 2006 and 2008 when the Bush administration took steps to enshrine a "preemption" policy for drugs. Under the preemption doctrine, FDA approval becomes...


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