Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why the free market is broken (especially on the environment)

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Dear NaturalNews readers,

If the free market works so well, why is the planet on the verge of
consumption-based environmental destruction?

Hint: The free market is broken -- especially when it comes to
long-term sustainable life on our planet.

Read my essay on why the free market doesn't work as intended, and
how we can enhance it to encourage conservation rather than

Also today: A new link has beeen discovered between vinyl flooring
chemicals and autism:

Rickets is back! Kids suffer chronic vitamin D deficiencies: http:

(continues below...)

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Today's Feature Stories:

Why the Free Market Doesn't Work: Consumption vs. Conservation
(NaturalNews) I'm a big free market proponent. I love the "freedom"
in it... the individual decisions of hundreds of millions of people
coalescing into an "invisible hand" of efficiency improvements,
quality of life enhancements and unlimited abundance...

United States Earns "D" Grade for Disastrous Mental Health Care
(NaturalNews) The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has
given the mental health care system of the United States a D grade, in
the second such report released by the organization. In the first
report, issued in 2006, the United States also received...

Researchers Accidentally Discover Link between Vinyl Flooring and
In a study published on March 30, Swedish, Danish and U.S. scientists
have discovered a link between vinyl flooring and autism in children.
The purpose of the study -- which involved nearly 5,000 children --
was to investigate the connection...

Vitamin D Levels in Kids are So Low that Rickets is Back with a
Kids get so little Vitamin D these days, that Rickets- a disease that
was thought to be virtually eradicated over 50 years ago in developed
countries- is back again. With it's characteristic bowed legs from
improper bone hardening...

Educator Lori Steiner Talks about Aging and Bioidentical Hormones
Proactive is a great way to describe Lori Steiner. When other women
were lining up to get hormone substitution drugs in the late 1990s,
Lori realized their dangers and began researching aging and
bioidentical hormones. Having worked...

The Consequences of Using Fluoride
Fluoride has been used for over sixty years to help prevent tooth
decay. Over 60% of people in the U.S. receive fluoride in their
drinking water; some water supplies have naturally occurring fluoride
in it and some have fluoride added at...

Five Reasons You Can Thank Yoga for Better Sex
Go ahead and trade in all your scented candles, lacy red nighties and
silk sheets for the latest gadget that will ramp up your sex life: a
yoga mat. The exercise we often connect to meditation and inner
enlightenment is also linked to improved...

Optimists Enjoy Better Health and Longevity
A large study conducted by researchers at the University of
Pittsburgh School of Medicine and presented at the American
Psychosomatic Society's annual meeting in Chicago has found that
optimistic post-menopausal women were healthier and lived...

Mike Adams, Part II: Shares on His Raw Food Mentors and Miracles
This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Rawkathon, which can
be found at In this excerpt, Mike Adams
shares on raw food mentors and miracles. Rawkathon with Mike Adams.
Mike Adams is known...


- Mike Adams
The Health Ranger


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