Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NewsTarget special report: Secrets of Nutrition + aloe vera tips

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Dear readers,

Today I'd like to share with you some very personal secrets for
transforming your health and living a disease-free life. You see, even
though I'm known as the Health Ranger today, just a few years ago, I
was the average American: Overweight, exhausted, suffering from
chronic pain and on my way to becoming diabetic. I was eating junk
foods, avoiding exercise, and taking prescription drugs. I looked and
felt terrible.

Desperate for solutions, I began to read a book on the dietary
effects of sugar. This was my first introduction to the link between
nutrition and health, and it opened the door to a universe of
fascinating information that has now become my lifelong mission to
help promote.

Almost all chronic diseases are preventable, you see, including
cancer (90% preventable), type-2 diabetes (almost 100% preventable),
depression, heart disease, and literally hundreds of others. But only
if you learn and apply the fundamental laws of nutrition!

This is what I'd like to share with you today: The nutritional
secrets to a life free of chronic disease. In "Seven Laws of Nutrition,
" I've put together seven essential nutritional habits showing you
the fundamentals to not just preventing but actually HEALING chronic
disease. Following these guidelines will also give you the nutritional
foundation to reach a healthy body weight, eliminate joint pain,
enhance energy and performance and even overcome mental fatigue or
cognitive decline.

See it now at:

Those are bold statements, but when you finally understand the power
of nutrition to activate the body's self-repairing capabilities,
you'll recognize these claims as being "matter of fact" statements.
The body, simply put, can heal itself of nearly all chronic
degenerative diseases or conditions in much the same way it heals a
cut or a sprain. The human body is a self-repairing system, after all.
What you have to do is give it the right nutritional tools so it can
unleash its fullest healing potential. And that comes from natural
medicines found in the world of nutrition.

Having experienced a remarkable health transformation myself,
ultimately eliminating several different disease conditions in my own
body, I am passionate about helping other people make changes too. In
"Seven Laws of Nutrition," you will learn:

* How to make a delicious, healthy breakfast shake to start your
morning out right
* The documented correlation between poor nutrition and diseases
* How to obtain optimum nutrition from foods and supplementation
* Which typical Western foods are causing an astronomical rise in
obesity and diabetes
* 20 Superfoods that transform your health
* Where to find quality herbal, vitamin, and mineral supplements
* Why even obese Americans are suffering from malnutrition
* Top health-promoting foods and how these improve your well-being
* Why most diet foods are just as bad for you -- or worse -- than
regular varieties
...And much more

Whether you want to prevent chronic illness or get the nutritional
support to beat a disease you've already been diagnosed with, "Seven
Laws of Nutrition" gives you potentially lifesaving information that
lets you take charge of your health outcome. It's available in both
downloadable and hardcopy editions. Learn more at:

To your health,
- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

P.S. Here's a health tip for boosting your cardio capacity: Aloe vera
has remarkable properties that actually boost the oxygen-carrying
capacity of your blood. By eating aloe vera gel (or drinking its
juice) on a regular basis, you may experience what I have: A
remarkable increase in cardiovascular performance, combined with rapid
recovery from physical exertion. At the gym, I've earned the nickname
"The Cardio Machine." My secret is aloe vera. The best way to get it?
Grow it yourself, then harvest the gel out of the thick leaves, blend
the gel into smoothies, and drink away! Aloe vera supplements are also
available from various vitamin companies, but the raw, fresh aloe vera
gel is always best.

P.P.S. Don't drink the aloe vera sap (the brown, resin-like liquid
found in the leaf skin) unless you have a lot of bathroom reading to
catch up on. Only eat the translucent aloe vera gel. Avoid aloe vera
supplements that are "whole leaf" supplements. You don't want the
whole leaf, only the gel.



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