Friday, May 11, 2007

Triple humor Friday: BodyWorlds + NetFlix + Anti-aging babies

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After an intense week of covering health freedom legislative efforts, it's time for a bit of humor on this Friday. Today, we feature two humorous articles, plus a new cartoon featuring anti-aging medicine babies!


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Health: Anti-aging medicine (comic)
Anti-aging medicine practitioners are always being asked, "Does anti-aging medicine really work?" For this cartoon, I thought it would be funny to imagine what might happen if the pills and injections worked a little too well. "Anti-aging medicine...

Humor: Strike a pose! BodyWorlds exhibit features human bodies preserved with industrial food chemicals (satire)
(Warning: Contains graphic descriptions of human anatomy.) This past weekend, I worked up the courage to visit the Body Worlds exhibit in a local science museum. This is where they take the bodies of dead volunteers (who volunteered before...

Humor: NetFlix DVD broken? Don't go to pieces... (satire)
NetFlix is the best service in the world for renting an unlimited number of cracked, scratched and otherwise unplayable DVDs. Through my NetFlix membership, I have been able to rent a shattered version of Oceans Eleven, a scratched-beyond-belief...

Health: Black raspberries shown to be highly effective in preventing cancer
A new study conducted by Ohio State University researchers has documented the power of black raspberries to prevent the development of tumors in the esophagus and colon. The study's findings were presented at the March 2007 national meeting of the American...

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