Thursday, July 10, 2008

AMA admits to racism against black physicians (and other news)

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Today the American Medical Association, after more than 100 years of blatant discrimination against black doctors, admitted it encouraged racist membership policies designed to keep black doctors out of conventional medicine. The "rich white man's" world of medicine still operates today, by the way, and it's just as evil, corrupt and racist as it ever was. Read my feature article today to learn the disturbing truth about the AMA and the ongoing racism of conventional medicine:


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As a side note, the president of the American Medical Association has just been diagnosed with stage-4 pancreatic cancer at age 52. Not surprisingly, he's chosen to poison himself with chemotherapy, calling it "treatment" for his cancer. This so-called "treatment" has a 5% survival rate, by the way, and that's if you believe the drug company hype.


I just wonder: If the AMA can't keep its own president alive, what chance does the system of medicine it advocates have of keeping anybody else alive? (And yes, Dr. Davis' health is highly relevant here. If you lead a medical organization and you, yourself, die of a completely preventable disease at the young age of 52, it speaks volumes about the failure of the system of medicine you advocate...)


Of course, as we learned yesterday in my story that reported Medicare paying $92 million to more than 18,000 dead doctors, it may turn out that the death of AMA president Dr. Davis would not necessarily prevent him from continuing to practice medicine (and be paid for it). Medicare does not actually require doctors to be living in order for them to be paid for services. See that article here:


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Health: AMA Admits Decades of Discrimination Against Black Doctors (opinion)
(NaturalNews) After more than a century of institutional discrimination against blacks in the medical profession, the American Medical Association has finally admitted its role in promoting such discrimination, issuing an apology for all the harm its...

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A landmark study of children from birth into adulthood shows definitively that lead exposure leads to violent crime, that there are no safe levels of lead, and that it shrinks the brain. The study was reported in the Public Library of...

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(NaturalNews) Thousands of tons of electronic waste hit landfills each year as users upgrade to new mobile phones and discard the old ones. According to British newspaper The Independent, there are already 11,000 tons of unused cellular phones...


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