Thursday, July 31, 2008

Should the FDA regulate tobacco and ban cigarettes?

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Should the FDA regulate tobacco? The U.S. House has just voted to force the FDA to regulate tobacco as a drug, and this could ultimately lead to the mass criminalization of cigarette smokers in the near future. In today's article, I explain why I strongly disagree with criminalizing smokers, even though I believe smoking is terrible for your health. Read the details at:


Also today: Doctors prescribe placebos | Fasting for health | Dangers of chlorine in pools | Botox kills 16 people | To eat fish? | Natural energy boosters | and more!


Health: Should the FDA Regulate Tobacco? Health Freedom Advocate Says Criminalizing Cigarettes is a Mistake
(NaturalNews) The U.S. Congress has just voted to categorize tobacco as a drug, handing the FDA regulatory authority to control the advertising, marketing and sales of cigarettes. This hilarious move, if approved by the Senate and signed by the President...

Health: Nearly Half of Doctors Prescribed Placebos to their Patients
(NaturalNews) Almost half of all doctors have prescribed placebos to their patients at some point, according to a survey conducted by a medical student at the University of Chicago and published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Rachel...

Health: The Miracle of Fasting - Part 2 (Herbs to Assist Detoxification)
During a fast you are likely to experience mild to perhaps severe discomfort. Causes include caffeine withdrawal, nicotine withdrawal, alcohol withdrawal, and the sheer volume of toxins exiting the body at once. If these substances make you...

Health: Chlorine Chemicals in Swimming Pool Send Children to the Hospital
(NaturalNews) More than 20 people were taken to the hospital after being exposed to dangerously high levels of chlorine at a Chicago-area swimming pool. Roughly 200 people were at the New Mayan Adventure water park in the Holiday Inn Chicago-Elmhurst...

Health: Avoid Sugar and Caffeine - Natural Energy Boosters That Work
Are you searching for quick ways to improve your concentration and performance? Do you need to stay alert and focused? How about improving your level of performance without caffeine and sugar? To stay alert and smart, your brain needs glucose...

Health: Deadly Botox? 16 Dead After Injections
(NaturalNews) At least 16 people have died after the botulinum toxin in a Botox injection spread to other parts of their bodies, according to FDA records. The deaths are cited in a petition by the group Public Citizen to have a "black box" warning...

Health: Debating Pescatarianism: To Fish or Not to Fish for a Protein Source
Pescetarian, Piscatarian, Pescatorian, Pesco-vegetarian, Fishetarian -- No, these are not the names for members of obscure religious sects. These are some of the different terms used for people who do not eat the meat of mammals and birds...

Health: Certain Parasites Alter Behavior of Their Infected Hosts
(NaturalNews) Writing in Scientific American, Stanford professor Robert Sapolsky has catalogued a number of well-established cases in which parasites and other infectious organisms are able to actually modify the behavior of their hosts. Among...

Health: Are You Right or Left Brain Dominant?
Research is continually showing that using your brain in news ways helps prevent dementia and Alzheimer's. One way of knowing which parts of your brain is used most is to take this simple test that shows you if you are right or left brain...

Environment: EPA Reduces Value of Human Life
Were you aware that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regularly estimates the "value of statistical life?" Five years ago the EPA estimated the value of one human life to be $7.8 million and as of May, 2008 the estimation was...


- Mike Adams

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