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Why America's health care crisis will not be solved by Obama... (and other news)

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America's health crisis will NOT be solved by current Democrats or Republicans. Neither Obama nor McCain has any real solutions to offer that would prevent disease, enhance nutritional education and eliminate all the deadly chemicals from foods, drugs and personal care products.


Today, I bring you the full transcript of my talk on "The Politics of Health Care Reform" which explains why no popular candidate has any real solutions for this devastating national problem. (I also propose several solutions that would revolutionize national health and revitalize our nation...) Read the full transcript below...


For all the Americans reading this, happy Independence Day (July 4th) in celebration of our independence from British tyranny (which, of course, all our British readers are still suffering under, but just the same, Americans are now suffering under Bush tyranny!). For your amusement, I've posted a hilarious video of my dog Roxy singing the Star-Spangled Banner. Well, sort of. She's not exactly in tune, but she's enthusiastic! Watch it here:


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Holiday note: Because of the Independence Day holiday here in the U.S., we will not be publishing any new material on NaturalNews until Monday, July 7th. Enjoy your holiday weekend (for all our U.S. readers) and try not to eat any processed meat products this weekend, okay? Remember, char-broiled meats cause colon cancer. And processed meats are just nasty...


Here are the news stories for today:



Health: The Politics of National Health Care Reform: Why no Popular Presidential Candidate can Solve Our Health Care Crisis (transcript)
(NaturalNews) The following is a transcript of Health Ranger Report #16, entitled The Politics of National Health Care Reform, which is available free of charge as an MP3 download at: Have you ever...

Health: Big Pharma "Doomed" if it Doesn't Change, Says Eli Lilly Chairman
(NaturalNews) With patents set to expire on major products and no new blockbusters on the horizon, the pharmaceutical industry must adapt or die, the chairman of Eli Lilly & Co. has said. "I think the industry is doomed if we don't change," said Sidney...

Health: The Poisoning of America's Water Supplies
Every day in the United States more than 240 million people turn on their faucets in order to drink, bathe, and cook, using water from public water systems. But more people are arriving to the point where they will not let a drop of water...

Health: Rickets on the Rise as Vitamin D Deficiency Surges Among Expectant Mothers
(NaturalNews) The United Kingdom's Department of Health has warned that the health condition known as rickets is making a comeback due to more widespread vitamin D deficiency among the British population. Caused primarily by vitamin D deficiency, rickets...

Health: The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil and Coconut Butter
Research indicates, animal fats have long chain saturated fat, while coconut oil contains healthy, healing, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). This saturated fat is considered a rare and important building block of every cell in the human...

Health: Author of a 'New Way of Thinking' Shares on Nutritional and Enzymatic Deficiencies
This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's The Healthiest Year of Your Life, which can be found at In this excerpt, Richard DiCenso shares on nutritional and enzymatic deficiencies.
Environment: California Water Reservoirs Contain High Levels of Carcinogenic Bromate
(NaturalNews) Two of the reservoirs supplying the city of Los Angeles with potable water were shut down when an independent laboratory test revealed them to be contaminated with high levels of the carcinogen bromate. An independent commercial customer...

Health: Austin Pork Plant Workers Contract Mysterious Illness After Slaughtering Pigs
(NaturalNews) A rare neurological disease has struck workers at a pork plant in Austin, Minnseota, sparking an investigation into what may have caused the outbreak. Eleven employees at the Quality Pork Processors plant have contracted chronic inflammatory...

Health: Candida Conundrum: Is It Really Allergies?
A short time ago, I wrote an article on treating candida. This article took a lot of the stress and misery out of the typical candida diet and allowed you to heal your body while killing candida. This is something that is not typically addressed...

Health: The Mind/Body Connection: Creating the Body You Really Want
This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's The Healthiest Year of Your Life, which can be found at ( . In this excerpt, Jim Katsoulis, shares on positive and negative emotions and the body you...

Health: Revolutionary Delivers Summaries of Top Health Books for Free
(NaturalNews) I've waited over six months to bring you this news. It's our pre-announcement of a service that will utterly transform the way you get your health information. This article is a behind-the-scenes look at this breakthrough health information...

Health: Red Meat Consumption Linked Yet Again to Increased Cancer Risk
(NaturalNews) A new large-scale study has provided more strong evidence linking the consumption of red and processed meats to an increased risk of cancer. Researchers from the U.S. National Cancer Institute examined data on 494,000 participants in...

Health: Choose Nature Instead of Prozac for PMS and PMDD
Thanks to a recent question in the Ask Tony Isaacs Curezone forum, I discovered that it appears to be common to prescribe the dangerous drug Prozac for PMS -- at least in the United States, that is. Not only that, but it is evidently often...


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