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MP3 of LIVE event on health preparedness and financial protection now available


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Dear NaturalNews readers,


We completed a hugely successful LIVE audio event two nights ago (see testimonials and feedback below). It was an instant hit! I don't want you to miss it, so we have a way for you to download the full MP3 recording of the event right now (see below).


I apologize that we ran out of space and had to stop taking reservations the day before the event. Because the event was live, we had to limit participation due to bandwidth.


Due to all the requests we've received to open up the event to more participants, I'm happy to announce we've done it! We now have hundreds of additional seats available for next Wednesday's LIVE presentation.


PLUS, we've posted the full recording of the live audio from two nights ago. So now, if you purchase this event, you can *instantly* download the full MP3 file of the recording from two nights ago and you won't miss anything!


Click here to reserve your seat right now.


In this LIVE audio event, I reveal it all: Exactly where to buy gold from trusted sources, what's really happening to banks and the global financial situation, and why your greatest risk may be doing nothing! I teach listeners how to protect your investments from the hyperinflation of the U.S. dollar, exactly which bank deposit may be your safest bet, and how to convert dollars into things that are REAL (and that can outlast any financial disaster).


Here's what listeners had to say:


"Thank you......thank you......thank you.......for the no nonsense, pertinent and selfless information that you provided. You've given me confidence to move forward with the funds and options that I have, and now feel empowered to ACT. Thanks again Mike. I wish the whole world was listening." - Leslie Myers


"I really do not think I can find the words to express my gratitude for the truth you have spoken and the guidance and direction you have given me. From your book, to your articles, to the live presentation, I have soaked up everything you have to say and boy is it overwhelming...but in a fantastically awesome way!! Please keep on doing what you are doing! We need you! You are helping to save so many people, and single handly making this world a better place." - Nature Girl


"I am extremely grateful for your LIVE event.  I don't know where you get your drive or your caring, but you are a blessing in our lives.  We find out things from you that we would never find anywhere else.  I trust and respect you VERY MUCH!" - Karen Jackson


"I was so thankful I tuned in to your talk!  You're taking the frightening path our country is taking and giving the power back to the people by giving solid suggestions and resources for preparing for what may come.  It was encouraging and supportive, a message of hope!  I look forward to the next one." - Marsha Carter


"Thank you so much for a wonderfully presented broadcast. I look forward to your next broadcast - in fact, I can hardly wait." - Romi Alexander


"We got SO much out of your presentation and are still digesting it all." - Dr. Stephanie Rasband


"I So enjoyed the first session of your live audio event. You speak so clear - and at just the right pace. I called the  Gold Man - you recommend - we were  extremely pleased with the outcome of that. Thank you so much for doing this live audio - it was EASY - the sound was GOOD - and so Informative!" - Lana


"I enjoyed your live show the other night and look forward to the future programs.  Normally I wouldn't subscribe to something like this, but you have such tremendous credibility, I decided to give your financial show a try.  I am glad I did.  Thanks again Mike for this valuable information.  Thank you as well for all the fantastic insight on supplements and healthy foods.  Everything you've recommended that I have tried has given me outstanding health improvements. Keep up the great work. Best wishes." - Wil Rudolph


"I want to thank you for your valuable resources,information,courage, not to mention you are really inspiring. You have opened my eyes ever since I found you (2006). You go straight to the point, a realistic person, a truth speaker and MOST importantly you have stood the test of having a good reputation. I want to thank you for you hard work, independent point of view and honesty. I wish the world would have more healthy,bright,loving people like you." - Tyron Valenzuela


Grab your seat right now by clicking here. Or just go straight to this URL:


Your participation for all FOUR weeks is only $39 total. You'll learn information worth a hundred times that much in the very first week. You can download that file right now to listen for yourself, and start protecting your money from the financial devastation I see headed our way.


This is a time for urgent action. The politicians in Washington are about to vote on a bill right now that will absolutely devastate the U.S. dollar. I show you how to face the economic future with confidence, not fear. I'll teach you how to avoid much of the risk and insulate yourself from the worst of what's coming. It's all found in the LIVE audio event, and you can listen to the first week's audio right now, when you purchase this event.


Oh, and by the way, we'll email you download links for EACH of the live events, right after they're presented. So even if you miss one of the events on a Wednesday night, within 2 hours, you'll be emailed a download link to grab the audio and save it on your computer. They are not copy-protected, so you can copy them to your iPod or other MP3 device.


I urge you to take action to protect yourself right now. Even if you don't listen to this particular program, do something decisive to protect your dollars from the massive hyperinflation that looks imminent. When this is all over, don't be the person left holding worthless U.S. currency, wondering why you never took action when you had the chance. These are very, very serious circumstances.


Although I can't believe I'm actually quoting these two individuals, here's what McCain and Bush had to say yesterday:


"America this week faces an historic crisis in our financial system. We must pass legislation to address this crisis. If we do not, credit will dry up, with devastating consequences for our economy. People will no longer be able to buy homes and their life savings will be at stake. Businesses will not have enough money to pay their employees. If we do not act, ever corner of our country will be impacted." - Sen. John McCain


"We are in the midst of a serious financial crisis and the federal government is responding with decisive action. ...There is widespread loss of confidence, major sectors are at risk, and more banks could fail and threaten sending the U.S. economy into recession." - Pres. Bush


Remember this: Your government is NOT going to save you. In fact, they are poised to sell you out!


If you want to be safe, you must empower yourself with the truth about what's happening right now, and take decisive action to protect yourself right now.


Resources available right now:


My LIVE audio event:


The Daily Reckoning:


Stephen Leeb's The Complete Investor: Click here for The Complete Investor


Watch this Ron Paul video:


To your health (and wealth),

- Mike Adams

The Health Ranger



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