Tuesday, September 30, 2008

14 video interviews with raw foods pioneers; melamine found in chocolates (and more)

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The RAWkathon event has just been pre-announced: It's a collection of LIVE video interviews with top raw foods pioneers who teach you all about the raw foods lifestyle: How raw foods improve your health and eliminate excess body fat, what to eat, tips for raw foods success and much more. You don't have to be on 100% raw foods to enjoy this, either. (I'm on about 80% raw foods at the moment...)


The best part about this? There's no charge to watch all 14 video interviews during the week of Oct. 19. Register now at: http://www.rawkathon.com/naturalnews


The videos include interviews with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Victoria Boutenko, Dr. Doug Graham, David Wolfe (of Sunfood.com), Viktora Kulvinskas, Nomi Shannan (of RawGourmet.com), Cherie Soria, David Rainochek (creator of JuiceFeasting.com), Frederic Patenaude, Dr. Rick Dina, Matt Monarch, Karen Knowler, Dr. Jameth Sheridan (of HealthForce Nutritionals), Happy Oasis and even a segment with yours truly (the Health Ranger).


It all starts Oct. 19. Don't miss this one!


Also today: Pesticides have been linked to the collapse of honeybees ( http://www.naturalnews.com/024362.html), chemicals in cosmetics cause infertility ( http://www.naturalnews.com/024360.html), and berries prevent cancer ( http://www.naturalnews.com/024356.html). Check out more feature stories below...


Breaking News: 


Hospitals Become Major Source of Nuclear Waste



Cadbury Chocolates Found to Contain Toxic Melamine from China



Today's Feature Stories:


Health: RAWkathon Event Broadcasts 14 Free Video Interviews with Leading Raw Foods Visionaries
(NaturalNews) The raw food movement is sweeping the world, helping millions of people lose weight, reverse cancer, eliminate heart disease and restore vitality and enthusiasm to their lives. People are jumping onto to the raw food movement for all the...

Health: Bayer Pesticide Chemicals Linked to Devastating Collapse of Honeybee Populations
(NaturalNews) German government researchers have concluded that a bestselling Bayer pesticide is responsible for the recent massive die-off of honeybees across the country's Baden-Württemberg region. In response, the government has banned an entire family...

Health: Lignans Shown to Provide Great Benefits for Breast Health
Most women who worry about the health of their breasts have a yearly mammogram and hope for the best. That's about all they can do since the traditional medical model offers nothing in the way of preemptive strategy. And it's readily apparent...

Health: Chemicals Found in Cosmetics Linked to Future Infertility
The first three months of pregnancy have a significant impact on a baby boy's future fertility. Chemicals found in cosmetics could create infertility problems later in life. Researchers at Edinburgh University have shown that exposure to...

Health: The Health Benefits of Omega-3 in Flaxseeds
There are a number of sources of Omega-3. The most well known are cold water fish and flaxseed oil. Interestingly both these sources differ as to the amount of Omega-3 they contain and how the Omega-3 is processed in the body. Unrefined...

Health: Pain-Relieving Drugs Linked with Accelerated Mental Decline
(NaturalNews) Painkillers not only have no effect on preventing mental decline in patients with family histories of Alzheimer's disease, they may actually accelerate it, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Johns Hopkins School of Public...

Health: Top Five (Virtually Unknown) Reasons You May Need More Vitamin C
Back in the late l950s and l960s, Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling turned his attention to studying and documenting how vitamin C could improve health status and help the human body resist and heal from disease. His reward? By the time of...

Health: Berries Provide a Cocktail of Cancer Preventing Compounds
Black raspberries provide a powerful mix of cancer-inhibiting compounds. New research at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center was conducted to test the effect of black raspberries on the genetic activity of rats provoked...

Health: Iain Trousdell Talks About the Spirit of Water
This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Renegade Water Secrets, which can be found at (http://www.renegadewatersecrets.com) . In this excerpt, Iain Trousdell considers the spirit of water and talks about the great influences in water...

Health: Protect Your Skin Naturally With Badger Sunscreen (Product Review)
Many parts of the country are starting to feel the chill bite of Autumn approaching. But there are many people in this country and around the globe who are still enjoying the outdoors in the hot sun. Particularly those who live near the Equator...

Health: Why the Institutions of Western Finance and Western Medicine are Both Doomed to Fail
(NaturalNews) Here at NaturalNews, we've been publicly predicting the fall of Western Medicine for nearly five years. During that time, we've also covered the increasingly precarious financial situation, warning readers in 2005 and 2006 about the impending...


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