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Vaccination madness sweeps America (plus update on chocolate crimes)

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The response to our story about Ron and Nadine from Living Libations being arrested at the border for carrying chocolate has made waves all across the 'net. Many people simply couldn't believe the story was true, but it's absolutely true! Read:


As we mentioned in the story, Ron and Nadine need to raise $22,000 just to cover legal costs. If they can raise even more, they're planning on SUING border agents in Canada for false arrest and civil rights violations! You can help them raise these funds by buying their chocolate (and natural beauty products) at  (Chocolate for Freedom!)


Yesterday, their e-commerce server crashed because of all the traffic, so please have patience and try to visit their site during non-peak hours. If it's down, try it on Saturday or Sunday instead.


So far, here are the funds that have been raised: Sunwarrior ( has pledged $1,000 dollars. Seth from LivingNutz ( has pledged $5,000! Please support these companies with your goodwill and consider them for future product purchases (the raw nut mixes at are outstanding!)


Today, we bring you yet more mind-blowing stories about the vaccination insanity sweeping America. Read this story about how Merck is targeting low-income and minority women:


Also check out this story about families suing over the vaccine / autism link:


Vaccines are the quackery of modern medicine. They're based on outmoded germ theory models that never take into account the health of the host (the terrain for viruses). And mandatory vaccine policies take away the rights of parents to protect their children from dangerous (even deadly!) injections of toxic chemical substances.


"We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force." - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged


Breaking News: 


I haven't even had time to write a story about this yet: With the bailout deal looking likely in Washington, central banks from around the world are preparing to dump U.S. debt in a massive, panicked selloff! Germany, China and Japan are like three guys in an airplane. The engines are on fire and there's one parachute. Whoever jumps first gets saved. The other two crash and burn. The only question now is: Who will sell off U.S. debt first in an effort to save themselves?


And when that happens, how will the U.S. sell any more debt at all? Find out what's really coming by joining my LIVE audio event on financial preparedness (click here to join now). We've already completed Week #1, so you can instantly download the MP3 file recording of Week #1 and listen to it right now, then attend Weeks 2, 3 and 4 live from your web browser.


Other breaking news:


Consumer Backlash Now Forming Against BPA in Food Packaging


China's Banks Ordered to Stop Buying U.S. Debt


Idiotic Newsday Story Promotes White Bread, Red Meat and Cheese as "Nutritious"



Today's Feature Stories:


Health: Merck Targets Low Income and Minority Women in HPV Vaccine Study
Merck, manufacturer of the controversial Gardasil vaccine, has awarded a research grant of $79,000.00 to two Indiana University Kelley School of Business professors to study the effect of two interventions on acceptance of the HPV vaccination...

Health: Low Vitamin D Levels Raise Breast Cancer Death Risk by 75 Percent
(NaturalNews) Women who are deficient in vitamin D at the time they are diagnosed with breast cancer are nearly 75 percent more likely to die from the disease than women with sufficient vitamin D levels, and their cancer is twice as likely to spread to...

Society: How to Protect Your Assets as the Financial Crisis Worsens
The Humpty-Dumpty U.S. economy that has for so long sat perched on a wall has finally had a great fall and is completely broken. Scramble as they may, all the president's men won't be able to put the pieces back together again. Financial...

Health: Thousands of Families Sue Over Vaccine Link to Autism
(NaturalNews) The U.S. Court of Claims is hearing a series of arguments from parents who charge that vaccines gave their children autism. The claims court is considering arguments from 4,900 parents who say that the vaccines produced autism or neurological...

Health: Kriya Yoga: Master the Mind by Mastering the Breath
In the Bhagavad Gita -- the Bible of the Hindus -- human life is depicted, metaphorically and with eloquence, as a battle between the human mind and the Eternal Soul. The Gita is set on a battlefield and describes a historical, as well as...

Health: Nalgene Bottle Company Sued Over Toxic Chemical; Mom Claims Company Knew of Health Risks
(NaturalNews) A California woman has filed a federal class action lawsuit against the makers of the popular Nalgene reusable water bottles, claiming that the company knew that exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) from the bottles might cause health problems...

Health: Oats for Beautiful Skin
Many people enjoy oats, especially on cold winter mornings because they make you feel toasty warm and full. We also think of oats in relation to sexuality. Sowing our wild oats ensures that we have as much fun in our youth as possible. Oats...

Health: Adult Stem Cell Therapy Nearing Time for Human Testing
Imagine the possibilities for a moment. Doctors may soon have the ability to regrow injured muscles, tendons, and bones without resorting to surgery. All that will be needed is to inject a patient's own stem cells into the injury site. Veterinarians...

Health: 23,000 Alzheimer's Patients Killed Each Year in the U.K. by Psych Drugs
(NaturalNews) More than 23,000 Alzheimer's disease patients are killed in the United Kingdom each year due to "off-label" use of anti-psychotic drugs, according to a report issued by Liberal Democrat Minister Paul Burstow. "There are around 244,000...

Health: Aspartame Consumption Again Linked to Degeneration of Brain Neurons
(NaturalNews) High intake of the artificial sweetener aspartame may lead to the degeneration of brain cells and various mental disorders, according to a research review conducted by South African scientists from the University of Pretoria and the University...

Health: Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle Cuts Your Risk of Strokes Drastically
From previous studies, it had already been shown that living a healthy lifestyle contributes to lower risks of contracting various serious illnesses, such as coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes. But little had been proven about the...

Health: Dictator Gene Shows Correlation to Selfish Behavior
(NaturalNews) Researchers from Hebrew University in Jerusalem say they have discovered a correlation between selfish behavior and the length of a certain gene, known as AVPR1a. Researchers recruited 200 student volunteers to participate in an exercise...

Health: Hypnotherapy as a Treatment for Depression
Depression is not to be taken lightly. Depression is often defined as being "down" for more than two weeks and when symptoms begin to interfere with your life. Symptoms of depression vary for people. People with depression almost always report...

Health: Second Biological Law: a Discovery Not Yet Accepted by Conventional Medicine
The law of 2 Phases of Disease occurs when there is a conflict of resolution. The difference between a law and a rule is that rules have exceptions. The expression an "iron clad law" denotes this distinction. In Meta-Medicine there are two...

Health: Winning the War on Food (Part 2): Mass Irradiation of Produce
In the old days the worst thing to have in your garden was insects. Today there is a far more serious threat: government bureaucrats. Last April, Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") was among the first to predict that the U.S. government...

Health: Review of Herbal Magic All-Natural Deodorant and Facts About Body Odor
A big concern for most people when they leave their house in the morning to go about their day is the issue of body odor and how to control it. This can be especially daunting and worrisome before a date. Ideally, you want to find a trustworthy...

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