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Mike Adams update: teleseminar, soap berries and FDA news

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This is an information-packed update, covering some important new developments: Survey results, the latest FDA crime against Americans, and a new raw food teleseminar featuring twelve outstanding health experts, authors and athletes (the whole teleseminar is available at no charge to NewsTarget readers for a limited time, see below...)


You're invited! Raw foods teleseminar:

Starting Tuesday, August 7 at 8pm California time, a raw foods health and nutrition teleseminar brings together twelve of the top natural health experts from around the world to deliver a free, information-rich presentation on the phenomenal health benefits of raw foods nutrition. From August 7 through August 22 (see link below for schedule details), interested members of the public can phone in and listen to the entire seminar at no charge, either by calling a phone number or listening online.


The twelve-part seminar presents one speaker each day and features numerous well-known health experts such as David Wolfe, Mike Adams, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Victoria Boutenko, Richard Blackman, Brenda Cobb and many more (complete list below).


Registration is required to get free access. To register now, read the NewsTarget article about this teleseminar at:


Health: Free raw foods teleseminar features twelve top health and nutrition experts from around the world
Starting Tuesday, August 7 at 8pm California time, a raw foods health and nutrition teleseminar brings together twelve of the top natural health experts from around the world to deliver a free, information-rich presentation on the phenomenal health benefits...


Teleseminar survey results

The response to our own teleseminar survey (released via email on Saturday) was absolutely astounding. Literally thousands of NewsTarget readers told us they had a very high level of interest in a four-part teleseminar held once a week on either Tuesday evening or Sunday afternoon. (The response was so high that we had to upgrade our form processing account just to handle the responses!)


Based on this surprisingly large response, we are moving forward with a teleseminar event plan. It will be a live event with Mike Adams, focused on censored, little-known and alternative food and nutrition secrets for reversing disease, enhancing health and improving lifespan. This teleseminar format will give us an opportunity to present a lot of information too controversial to put on the website, and it will give NewsTarget readers the opportunity to ask questions in real time via email.


Watch for an announcement soon about our own teleseminar event, and thank you all for participating in our survey.


Soap berries co-op purchasing update

Yesterday, we announced our soap berry co-op purchasing arrangement that would allow NewsTarget readers to acquire soap berries (a natural, chemical-free laundry detergent and household soap) at a group wholesale price, with environmentally-friendly packaging. You can see the original announcement at:


So far, we have received hundreds of emails requesting reservations for these soap berries, and a staffer is right now tallying the total demand. It will take another day or two to go through all the emails. We expect to have an announcement on this by Monday. Stay tuned, as we'll announce this via email.


We thought long and hard about whether to offer this service to readers, by the way. Ultimately, we decided it was a good idea to leverage the combined buying power of NewsTarget readers to acquire this important product at a group wholesale price. Together, we all have considerable power to negotiate better deals that what we could get alone (or what we'd find at retail). Here's the original story on this:


Health: Natural soap berry laundry detergent co-op buying opportunity announced at
This is a rare opportunity to take part in a cooperative product acquisition effort organized by and designed to help consumers eliminate the toxic chemicals found in manufactured laundry detergent products. A few months ago, we announced...


Today's feature story:

Today we bring you a feature story about yet another FDA betrayal of the public. In a 22-to-1 vote, an FDA advisory panel voted to keep a dangerous diabetes drug, Avandia, on the market. Dr. David Graham of the FDA estimates this single drug has already killed more than 80,000 people, making it even more deadly than Vioxx.


Today's feature story gives you the raw truth on this latest FDA crime, which is added to the existing collection of FDA crimes against the American people. Click the headline below for the full story:


Health: FDA refuses to pull dangerous diabetes drug Avandia, even knowing it will kill thousands
The Food and Drug Administration voted overwhelmingly to keep the diabetes drug Avandia on the market, despite its known deadly effects. Two FDA committees met yesterday in Gaithersburg, Maryland, to consider whether the drug -- which has led to the deaths...



To your health,

- Mike Adams


P.S. Remember to register for the raw foods teleseminar right away! It's offered at no cost to NewsTarget readers, but time is running out for the free pre-registration offer. There are upgrades available if you want audio CDs, MP3 files, and transcripts, but those are optional. Everyone can listen to the entire twelve-part seminar at no charge by registering today! You can register through the link posted in our story at:



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Truth revealed about Big Pharma and the FDA (+ remedies for 100 health conditions!)

My latest book, Natural Health Solutions, reveals the truth about the FDA and Big Pharma, documenting the censorship, oppression of natural health, and the "planned diseasification" of the American public.

The book also reveals natural treatments and cures for over 100 common health conditions (and diseases) using foods, herbs and natural therapies.

"Mike Adams is leading the charge to protect your rights to have control over your body. Natural Health Solutions is a must read for anyone that wants to maintain their health and their health freedom." - Gregory Kunin, Co-Founder, Ola Loa


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