Monday, August 20, 2007

Upcoming live event, new video site and soap berry update

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Dear readers,


Several announcements for you today:


I'm joining David Wolfe, Peter Ragnar and others to take part in a two-day weekend event in L.A. called "The Best Weekend Ever." It's September 15th and 16th, and it's an all-day, all-weekend event that's packed with the best new information (and radical technologies) for healing, longevity, reversing serious disease and much more. I'll be presenting new information about censored nutritional secrets there, and I'll also be present for the entire event to meet and greet NewsTarget readers who wish to attend (I'll also be bringing signed copies of my CounterThink Cartoons book to give out, see below). Read the full details in today's feature article by clicking the headline below:


Health: Mike Adams joins David Wolfe and Peter Ragnar to present "The Best Weekend Ever" live event in Los Angeles, Sep. 15 - 16
If you live in or near Los Angeles (or can get there!), the weekend of September 15th and 16th features an event you probably won't want to miss. "The Best Weekend Ever" features live presentations from David Wolf, Mike Adams and other natural health...

Health: Most Americans Unaware of Dietary Links to Bone Health, Survey Reveals
The majority of people in the United States are poorly informed about the prevalence of osteoporosis, according to a study conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for nutritional supplement manufacturer GTC Nutrition. Opinion Research...


Soap Berries Update


The soap berries co-op acquisition is on! We have now placed the order for several thousand kilograms of soap berries from our supplier (Maggie's Soap Nuts) who is making a special volume purchase for us and having it imported to the U.S. The product will arrive towards the end of September (or sooner, perhaps), and we'll make another announcement when it's here and ready to ship. We are working on special arrangements for Canadian buyers so you don't have to pay import duties (so that you can buy directly from a Canadian supplier). Australia, unfortunately, does not seem to have the demand to justify a separate shipment, so we are considering alternative solutions for our Australian readers so they can get soap berries locally, too. Watch for upcoming announcements on this...


Sneak Preview of NewsTarget Video Community Site!


We are only days away from launching a new video community site where you can upload your videos, view other videos, rate them, post comments, etc. In fact, it's already working: You can create an account and upload your videos right now! Several dozen videos are already posted, and more are on the way. Just visit:


Note: Mac users may experience a problem with the upload. This is a glitch we are working on resolving, so if you're using a Mac, you may want to wait a few days until we solve this. PC users should experience no problems with the video upload function.


Did you listen to the Health Ranger Report podcast yet?


On Friday, we posted a Health Ranger Report podcast. It's a downloadable MP3 file you can hear on your computer, iPod or any MP3-capable device. It's a special thank you to NewsTarget readers, plus a discussion of personal growth, self confidence and much more. If you haven't already heard it,  click here to listen to the podcast now (MP3 file, 10MB).


We have some great stories coming up this week, including several new product reviews. Watch your e-mail inbox for more great content from NewsTarget! (And thanks for being a reader. We really value your time and interaction!)


To your health,

- Mike Adams



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Truth revealed about Big Pharma and the FDA (+ remedies for 100 health conditions!)

My latest book, Natural Health Solutions, reveals the truth about the FDA and Big Pharma, documenting the censorship, oppression of natural health, and the "planned diseasification" of the American public.

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