Friday, August 10, 2007

Superfood smoothie recipes announced

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Dear readers,


Ever wanted to know how to create highly-nutritious meals in five minutes or less? It's the most common question I'm asked: "What are your personal recipes, and what do you really eat, exactly?"


Now Truth Publishing has just announced a resource guide that provides the answers. It's my new full-color guide, Superfood Smoothies, and it's available now from Truth Publishing (downloadable and softcover editions) right now. Click here to view it.


The book reveals the exact recipes I use on a daily basis to make delicious, nutritious drinkable meals that take mere minutes to prepare. You'll learn astounding recipes like my surprising sugar-free, dairy-free "mint chocolate chip" smoothie based on avocado, almond milk and cacao powder.


Sound strange? You'll actually LOVE the recipe. Avocado imparts a delicious, healthy fat to the recipe. When sweetened with stevia and agave nectar, then served chilled, every creamy bite is mouth-wateringly delicious! (Many people tell me they like it better than ice cream.)


Learn the simple food secrets of the world's healthiest people


But that's only the beginning of what's offered in Superfood Smoothies. This guide also reveals an assortment of innovative blends of superfood ingredients that deliver significant health benefits -- like blueberries, cucumbers, chlorella, aloe vera, cacao, chia, coconut milk, raw almonds and various other fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. You'll learn a wealth of information about how to combine these health-enhancing superfoods in delicious ways that you probably never thought possible. Ready to get started? Click here to start making your own superfood smoothies today.


These aren't everyday recipes you'll find published somewhere else, by the way. I developed these out of necessity, using only natural ingredients with documented health benefits like reducing inflammation, accelerating healing, protecting the brain and nervous system from oxidative damage, regulating blood sugar, boosting cardiovascular health, improving circulation, increasing physical stamina and many other benefits. And the health benefits for children and expectant mothers are truly miraculous. (These foods can actually help prevent behavioral disorders and ADHD in children.)


Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher and father of western medicine, famously said, "Let thy food be thy medicine," and that's a principle I've taken to heart in Superfood Smoothies. These recipes show you how to create and consume your own natural medicine, straight from nature, using nothing more than a kitchen blender (a Vitamix is strongly recommended for best results). View a list of additional secrets revealed in Superfood Smoothies.


Give yourself the gift of healing recipes you can really use


I don't know about you, but I own a lot of recipe books... and I've hardly used most of them. The truth is that as much as I'd love to be an accomplished chef, I simply don't have time to spend two hours preparing a meal.


My guess is you're probably in the same boat. With all our busy schedules today, who has time to stand around chopping celery, baking casseroles or studying complicated recipes with fifteen steps and finicky measurements?


I designed Superfood Smothies to deliver quick but highly nutritious meals using ingredients that are easy to acquire, store and use. That's why:

  • Each recipe takes no more than five minutes to make.
  • There's no chopping, stirring or complicated preparation required. The blender does all the work.
  • Each recipe can be made thicker, thinner, sweeter -- or even modified to use what's available in your kitchen (in case you're missing one or more ingredients).
  • With these Superfood Smoothie recipes, you'll never again need to waste money on factory-processed "prepared" foods. They're expensive and unhealthy anyway, since they're made with preservatives and dangerous ingredients like hydrogenated oils and refined sugars.

Please note, this isn't some huge collection of hundreds of different recipes. Rather, this handy guide spells out nine core recipes followed by the principles for making hundreds more on your own. In other words, this guide opens the door to a whole new world of healthful, convenient meal options based on real nutrition that's really delicious! See it for yourself by clicking here.


The secret properties of healing foods


NewsTarget readers who purchase Superfood Smoothies before the end of this month also receive a complimentary copy of our exclusive report, Toxic Foods, Dead Foods, Living Foods. This is a guide I wrote to help explain the little-known health differences between different classes of foods, and it gives you valuable knowledge you can apply to all your smoothie recipes.


In this guide, you'll also learn why store-bought juices are a nutritional joke, and why freshly-made juices and smoothies are essential for lasting health and disease prevention. Store-bought juices, even when they are packaged as "healthy" food drinks, are all pasteurized or processed. That means their proteins, vitamins and medicinal phytochemicals have been fully or partially destroyed by heat processing. The result is a dead food slurry that's only a shadow of what real food juices are supposed to be.


In Toxic Foods, Dead Foods, Living Foods, you'll learn why consuming living foods via blended smoothies is one of the simplest -- yet most powerful -- secrets to unleashing your body's innate healing potential. It's yours at no charge when you purchase Superfood Smoothies.


Start making superfood smoothies today!


It's no exaggeration to say that superfood smoothies changed my life, making it easier to consume healthful meals on a schedule that fits my busy lifestyle. These recipes save me both time and money on a daily basis, and they make healthy meals less expensive than junk food.


This combination of guides -- Superfood Smoothies and Toxic Foods, Dead Foods and Living Foods -- delivers all the know-how you need to jump right into these recipes today! Check it out yourself and see why so many readers are excited to see this collection of knowledge published at last!


To your health,
- Mike Adams
Author, Superfood Smoothies


P.S. For a limited time, Truth Publishing is also including a third bonus report with Superfood Smoothies. It's called, "Unleash the Healer Within." See the description page for details.



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