Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Secrets for using your mind to heal your body (and transform your life)

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Dear NewsTarget readers,


You probably already know about the power of mind/body medicine, but did you know you can reprogram your beliefs and thoughts to help you live a healthier, happier and more productive life?


I recently published a detailed review of professionally-produced audio hypnosis programs from The Hypnosis Network, a pioneering company that seeks out the most experienced hypnotists in each topic area (health, performance, stress reduction, quitting addictions, losing weight, etc.) and records live hypnosis sessions that you can use over and over again to "reprogram" limiting beliefs and get your mind to start reshaping your future.


I've tried several of these myself, and the programs really work. Read my full review at:


For your benefit and with absolutely no financial motivation on our part (we don't make a dime on this), we are announcing an extraordinary gift that's exclusive to NewsTarget readers:


The Hypnosis Network has agreed to give away five hypnosis audio programs -- that's $100 worth of material -- to each NewsTarget reader. No strings attached, no purchase needed, no gimmicks.


These aren't watered-down versions, these are the full hypnosis programs the company sells right now. You can download them right now at:




Simply enter your email address on the page, click "Request Now" and you'll have instant access to the five audio programs. Plus, you'll receive a coupon code for 20% off any future order with The Hypnosis Network.


Most people haven't, but the power of the mind over the body's healing processes and performance is well proven. Change your beliefs, and you can change your life for the better. And now, thanks to this offer we've negotiated, you can try these five hypnosis programs at no charge to experience them yourself!


Naturally, we don't earn any money from this. We're bringing you this news -- and this exclusive offer -- to thank you for being a NewsTarget reader. The Hypnosis Network agreed to this extraordinary gift because they want to introduce more people to their catalog of audio hypnosis products, and they realized that giving away a few programs up front was a great way to help people experience the power of their hypnosis products.


They also realized that NewsTarget readers are a cut above the rest. I hear this all the time from the owners of other companies we recommend, by the way: NewsTarget readers are better informed, more intelligent, and far more pleasant to deal with than "general public" customers. And because readers like you are such a pleasure to deal with, we're able to negotiate generous deals like this one that would never be openly offered to the general public.


So thank yourself for being part of an elite group of health-conscious consumers, and take action to support your health even further by checking out these no-risk audio hypnosis programs at:




- Mike Adams


P.S. The audio programs mentioned here can be played on nearly any Mac or PC as well as most portable music players such as iPods.



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