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Media lies about vitamin C, cancer cures and nutritional medicine (plus other news)

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The mainstream media is at it again, trying to scare people away from Vitamin C. The latest absurd attack comes in the form of "cancer research" that claims Vitamin C might cause cancer patients to die!


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We've got a huge lineup of feature stories today. See below for the complete list, covering hospital dangers, fasting, sunshine and much more...


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Mainstream Media Fail to Report Big Pharma Funding on Drug Studies

SHOCK Doctrine: Naomi Klein's Video is a Must-See (video)

Meat Must be Rationed to Prevent Global Warming

Today's Feature Stories:

Health: In Cancer Scare Story, Medical Researchers Admit Vitamin C Protects Cells from Free Radical Damage
(NaturalNews) In headlines around the world, Vitamin C is once again under attack. The vitamin is extremely dangerous, researchers now say, because it might "interfere with the toxic effects of chemotherapy." These mainstream media articles, of course...

Health: What Most Doctors Won't Tell You About Colds and Flus
The next time that you experience a cold or the flu, remember this: giving your body plenty of rest while allowing the cold or flu to run its course is good for your health. Conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry would have...

Health: How a Stressful State Leads to Chronic Fatigue (Part 2)
As discussed in Stress and Chronic Fatigue Part 1, stress is a major culprit that leads to Chronic Fatigue because stress over works your adrenal glands, the glands that specifically deal with all survival responses in relation to any form...

Health: Drinking Milk Does Not Combat Obesity, Experts Conclude
(NaturalNews) There is no evidence that dairy consumption helps people lose weight, according to a study conducted by researchers published in the journal Nutrition Review. The researchers reviewed the results of 49 different clinical trials...

Health: Hospital Removes Wrong Kidney From Sick Child
(NaturalNews) A young child undergoing surgery to remove a diseased kidney had the healthy kidney removed instead, officials from Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin, Ireland, has admitted. The boy, believed to be four years old, faces...

Health: The 4 Most Common Excuses for Not Getting Fit
Despite the many benefits of exercise, statistics show that most people's exercise consists of walking from desk to bathroom or changing the channel on the TV. Most people are desperate for the physical and mental pleasures that exercise...

Health: Could You Be Poisoning Your Family?
Until the 1980's, when it became commonplace in commercial agriculture, arsenic was not much of a concern to the average consumer. But in the new millenium, it seems to be in the news more frequently than ever. It is showing up in places...

Health: Jim Katsoulis Talks About How to Make Positive Changes in Your Life
This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Renegade Roundtable, which can be found at ( . In this excerpt, Jim Katsoulis talks about getting started on your own journey to change your life. Renegade...

Health: Food Riots Have Already Begun as Global Grain Prices Skyrocket, Supplies Dwindle
(NaturalNews) Riots and other forms of civil unrest have already broken out around the world in response to a global grain shortage and surging food prices. According to data from the World Food Program and the early warning and global information...

Health: A Healthy Dose of Sunshine Is Vital for Good Health
In the midst of this beautiful summer, make sure to take a small break from the daily grind to do a little sun worshipping -- for your health! The UVB rays from the sun are bursting with protective vitamin D, an important nutrient for your...

Health: The Miracle of Fasting (Part 1) - Your First 36-Hour Fast
Despite the luxuries of the modern world and the perceived abundance of food, the human body is much the same as it was 10,000 generations ago. During that time, known as the Paleolithic Period, humans did not have welfare, food stamps...

Health: FDA Will Review Toxic Tattoo Chemicals (But Ignores Mercury Fillings)
(NaturalNews) The FDA has launched an investigation into the chemicals contained in tattoo and permanent makeup inks, as well as their potential health consequences. Permanent makeup involves tattooing the face to create effects similar to those produced...

Health: An Analysis of Burger King's New 'Healthy' Meal for Kids
The media is applauding a recent announcement by Burger King introducing new healthy menu items designed to appeal to kids. Apparently the term 'healthy' is relative. While it may be a baby step in the right direction, one is left thinking...

Health: Contrary to Popular Belief, Full-Fat Organic Milk Is Good for Kids
If we were not confused enough already, out comes a new recommendation that runs against nutritional wisdom. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently changed its recommendation for children under 2 years old from whole milk to 2% milk...

Health: Grow Your Own Probiotics: Kombucha Tea (Part 2)
I hope by now many of you have tried kefir. Another fermented beverage which contributes to health is a fermented tea called Kombucha. Many believe the name comes from the Japanese seaweed called Kombu + cha (tea), however, there is no relationship...

Health: Don't Pay For Groceries with Plastic! Credit Card Numbers Stolen From Grocery Store Chain
(NaturalNews) More than 4 million credit card numbers were exposed by a security breach at the grocery chain Hannaford Bros., the company announced earlier this year. A total of 4.2 million different numbers were compromised from cards used at 1665...

Health: The Benefits of Ormus for Home Gardening or Sprouting
This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Renegade Water Secrets, which can be found at ( . In this excerpt, Barry Carter shares on the benefits of ormus for sprouting or home gardening. Renegade...


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