Friday, October 3, 2008

Financial bailout becomes BLOWout as lawmakers spend away your future

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The financial bailout scheme brewing in America has suddenly become a financial blowout! Billions of dollars worth of pork are being slapped onto the bill, giving huge gifts to NASCAR racetrack owners, rum makers, wool researchers, Hollywood film companies and even huge corporations like Microsoft and GE. There's nothing like an overstuffed pork sandwich to get lawmakers lining up in a competition to see who can make the nation go broke more quickly...


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Today's Feature Stories:

Health: Bailout, or Blowout? Financial "Rescue" Plan Turns into Mad Spending Spree
(NaturalNews) As the United States of America stands on the verge of irrecoverable bankruptcy, U.S. Senators have decided to orchestrate a final "blowout" spending spree by dressing up the financial bailout plan with so much bloated pork that no lawmaker...

Health: Five Natural Ways to Decrease Your Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes
According to the World Book Encyclopedia, the average adult human body contains approximately 96,500 kilometers (60,000 miles) of blood vessels. This means that if you were to attach all of your blood vessels together end to end, they could...

Health: Beautiful Hair and Skin Require Optimal Thyroid Functioning
Whether your hair turns gray and falls out or stays a thick mane of vibrant color is dependent on your body having proper levels of thyroid hormones. New ground breaking research has documented that human hair follicles are direct targets...

Health: Pycnogenol Reduces Heart Disease Risk in Diabetics
(NaturalNews) Extracts of French maritime pine bark can lower blood pressure in diabetes patients, thereby reducing their risk of heart attacks, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Arizona and published in the journal...

Health: Mobile Phone Use While Pregnant Causes Neurological Problems in Babies
(NaturalNews) The first large-scale study to look at the connection between mobile phone use in pregnancy and later behavioral problems in children has overwhelmingly come back with a finding that such phone use places undeveloped babies at risk. Researchers...

Health: Eight Proven and Easy Ways to Cope With Stress
Living in modern times means that we all have to deal with stress. Sometimes stress can be a positive force in our lives. It can motivate and get us going. However, sometimes stress can really get us down. Fortunately, there are plenty of...

Health: Is BPA in Canned Pet Food Linings a Concern for Pets?
Bisphenol A or BPA is an ingredient used to make hard, clear plastics and is also found in the lining of many canned products including pet foods. BPA is known to seep into food or liquids. The FDA, in typical fashion has waffled on its stance...

Health: UK Doctors Push HPV Vaccine on Gay Men and Young Boys
According to an article in the UK Telegraph, Dr. Paul Yeo, a virologist from Durham University...

Health: Giles Wily Talks About Flexibility, Stretching, Restoration and Recuperation
This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Fountain of Youth Summit, which can be found at ( . In this excerpt, Giles Wily shares on stretching verses restoration and recuperation. The Fountain...

Health: Word Games: "Bail Out" Magically Transforms Into "Rescue" Overnight as MSM Follows Language Police
(NaturalNews) Welcome to the Orewellian world of Newspeak, where words are used to control thoughts. Yesterday, at the bidding of the White House, mainstream news sources across the world magically replaced the term "bail out" with the much more palatable...


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