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Personal invitation to join the NaturalNews Moxxor team before Oct. 27

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Dear NaturalNews readers,


On Monday, October 27, links and ad placements for Moxxor will appear across all 25,000 articles on the website. Moxxor is the new direct sales company with the super-potent green-lipped mussel oil that's the richest source of marine omega-3 oils on the planet. It is a VERY impressive product for several reasons I'll share with you here.


The company was just launched in September, and NaturalNews became a founding distributor. I'm personally a product formulation advisor to the company and have been designated the company's exclusive journalist, managing the soon-to-launch website


I'm inviting you to join the NaturalNews Moxxor team before October 27th, at which time advertisements will roll out across the entire website, introducing over 1.2 million readers to Moxxor's remarkable marine omega-3 oil product and its unique opportunity to create your own income stream as part of the NaturalNews team. I believe it will be to your advantage to consider securing a position in Moxxor before October 27th, at which time those who joined early will be in a preferred position to benefit from the growth of the NaturalNews team.


I'm personally leading this team, hosting a weekly LIVE audio event (every Tuesday evening at 6pm Pacific time), creating marketing tools, authoring articles, conducting interviews and generating an abundance of tools that NaturalNews team members can use to help achieve success as a Moxxor distributor. I'm not doing this for any other company. These efforts are exclusive to Moxxor, which I believe is poised to experience rapid growth in 2009, 2010 and beyond.


Today, the NaturalNews team consists of approximately 350 people -- the "early adopters" who learned about this first on my Mindful Wealth email list. Over the next year, I believe the NaturalNews team will grow to encompass thousands of distributors, each enjoying the truly impressive health benefits of these marine omega-3 oils, and many enjoying healthy revenue streams as the Moxxor product line gains widespread acceptance across the expanding base of health-conscious consumers.


Right now -- before October 27th -- you can join the NaturalNews Moxxor team at a position near the top of our organization, before we start publicizing this across our entire network of 25,000+ articles. As a result, you may see significant benefits from the growth of our team, especially considering that it's a binary tree structure... and it's already growing rapidly.


Join the NaturalNews Moxxor team right now by enrolling at:


Or, if you'd like to connect first with someone who's already on the team, we have 16 top distributors ready to take your call or answer your email right now. See the full list here:


Have questions about Moxxor? Keep reading to learn more...


The Remarkable Moxxor Product Line


You already know me as a critical thinker and skeptical journalist who asks tough questions about nutritional supplements. I've already asked ALL the questions on this one, and Moxxor exceeds my expectations on product purity, potency, no fillers, no chemical solvents, no environmental harm and no nonsense. The product and all its ingredients have been fully tested for heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants. They show absolutely no detectable levels of any such substances.


Moxxor is a product that's grown in sustainable, eco-certified aquaculture farms floating in the fjords of New Zealand. The green-lipped mussels filter out marine phytoplankton from the ocean water, concentrating the rich marine lipids found in that phytoplankton. The result is the most pristine, concentrated form of omega-3 lipids found anywhere in the world.


That's probably why Moxxor is the only omega-3 oil I've ever consumed that created a strong, noticeable difference in my own health. I've never seen a single product support such remarkable health of my skin and hair, and its ability to support a healthy response to inflammation is equally impressive: You'd have to take 248 capsules of salmon oil to create the same anti-inflammatory response from taking one capsule of Moxxor. It's really that powerful.


I've also personally noticed astonishing benefits in terms of healthy brain support, cognitive function support and positive mood. Have you noticed how incredibly productive I've been lately? I've produced more special reports, articles, interviews and content in the last 30 days than during any single month in my life. The difference, of course, is that I've been taking Moxxor every single day. (Don't take it at night, though. It can keep you up, full of energy and your brain filled with creative ideas.)


This is the product I've been waiting for. I've always said my top 3 supplements are Vitamin D, Astaxanthin and fish oils. Moxxor replaces fish oils and it contains natural vitamin D. We are extremely fortunate to have discovered this product, and to be blessed with it here on our planet.


I've spoken with several doctors who are already distributors with Moxxor, and they're telling me astonishing true stories of children's behavioral disorders being balanced and normalized, children being able to learn more rapidly (improved brain function) and even people experiencing amazing levels of support for healthy cardiovascular function.


To my knowledge, these wide-ranging benefits have never before been made possible by a single supplement. But we shouldn't be surprised: This is Mother Nature's superfood! It's a concentrated, raw, unadulterated omega-3 oil from the ocean. It's a natural superfood from the nutrient-rich oceans of our healing planet, and Moxxor has now given us the opportunity to both personally benefit from its health-supporting effects and earn a real income sharing this good news with others.


We're going to be offering a lot more coverage of Moxxor and its products in the near future. You'll see more articles, interviews and special reports about Moxxor on This is an exciting company with a breakthrough omega-3 product that's more ethical than fish, more sustainable than krill, and far more powerful than salmon oil, flax oil or other common omega-3 oils. For supporting brain health, balanced neurological function and cardiovascular health, I give Moxxor a five-star rating. You've got to try this product yourself to experience it.


Help share the good news about marine omega-3 nutrition


This is why I'm contacting you, to invite you to join the NaturalNews Moxxor team as we spread the word about this astonishing source of marine omega-3 oils, sharing it with children, schools, teens, adults and senior citizens. We're going to help hundreds of thousands of people benefit from this nutritional powerhouse, and we're going to use our own income stream to expand NaturalNews, upgrade our news team and keep on pursuing our mission of empowering people with the truth about health, healing and the downright impressive power of nutrition to help create and sustain lasting health.


If you'd like to be on the NaturalNews Moxxor team, join us now, before October 27th. Why before October 27th? Because once you join our team, you'll be in a position to benefit from the binary tree that can build underneath you throughout November, December and all of 2009. It doesn't mean you don't have to do anything, by the way: Moxxor requires that you stay on autoship and personally enroll two people on autoship in order to qualify to receive weekly commissions (to get paid, in other words). To help support your efforts, NaturalNews will be attracting new distributors and adding to the entire binary tree, month after month.


I can't guarantee any particular results for you, but I can say that many people who joined the NaturalNews Moxxor team just a few weeks ago are already seeing significant earnings. Your own results, of course, depend on your willingness to invest time and effort in your own success, but I will personally provide leadership, motivation, sales tools and the publicity to help support your efforts so that we can co-create the greatest success possible for you.


Remember, too: Any income you create with Moxxor is your own income to keep, save or spend as you like. Nobody can limit your earnings or deny you a promotion. No one can take away what you earn here. You can run a Moxxor distributorship from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. It's the ideal natural health business for moms, health practitioners and working professionals who know they deserve more.


And everything we do here on the NaturalNews Moxxor team is 100% aligned with my 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth, the philosophy of personal abundance and social responsibility that's been driving the NaturalNews mission since its inception. This isn't simply about one amazing product and an income stream: It's about introducing people to an abundant way of living that can greatly enhance their health and their incomes at the same time.


Read my philosophy of Mindful Wealth in this special report, if you wish:


If the NaturalNews Moxxor team sounds like something that's aligned with your principles, too, enroll before October 27th at:


Or contact one of our team leaders at:


Just be sure to enroll before October 27th. That's when our Moxxor publicity campaign rolls out across our entire website. If you want to benefit the most from this, secure your position on the NaturalNews team before that date. In fact, the earlier you get in, the better, because many people will be enrolling between now and October 26. Call one of our existing team members if you have questions:



- Mike Adams, editor of


P.S. I forgot to add this: In addition to the 25,000 articles pages that will carry Moxxor ads, we are also planning on placing Moxxor links on our new "NaturalNews NaturalPedia" pages, which currently number over one million web pages. You can see the early draft of this at   - In December, we'll roll out over one million of these content pages, each with a link that publicizes Moxxor. We own this entire content database.


P.P.S. When you enroll with the NaturalNews Moxxor team, you'll receive an email each Tuesday, alerting you to new downloadable audio programs, presentations, articles and other tools you can use to support your success as a Moxxor distributor. Watch for that email on the first Tuesday after you enroll.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I join Moxxor if I'm not a U.S. citizen or resident?


Yes, you can create an LLC in the United States (it's sort of like a corporation). The LLC will have a U.S. Tax ID. You can then enroll with Moxxor using the LLC. The IRS will withhold 30% of your earnings when you transfer funds outside the country, but you get to keep 70%. The best LLC to set up is a New Mexico LLC. You can search Google for companies that will set this up for you for a nominal fee.



How does the binary tree being built by NaturalNews benefit me?


As NaturalNews attracts new distributors, we automatically place them in the binary tree underneath existing distributors. This means you can discover new people being placed underneath you automatically, on any given day. You don't get paid on them, however, unless you "qualify" to receive team commissions (see below).



How do I qualify to earn team commissions?


It's simple: Just stay on autoship yourself, personally enroll two people on your own, and make sure they're on the monthly autoship program, too. From there, you qualify to receive team commissions on your ENTIRE binary tree downline, even if you didn't enroll them. This is the advantage of joining the NaturalNews Moxxor team before October 27th. (It's a big deal.)



Why should I join now, given the difficult U.S. economy?


A difficult economy puts your paycheck at risk. Depending on a paycheck from a government office, corporation or non-profit is increasingly risky as states and companies face shrinking budgets. The only sure way to be able to count on income is to be your own boss! Create an income stream with Moxxor and you OWN it for a lifetime. Plus, a Moxxor distributorship will continue to have value even if the U.S. dollar loses its value, because the Moxxor product is a real, physical product that offers genuine benefits to consumers. It has value in ANY currency, and in any economic climate.



Mike, you've never joined a network marketing company before. Why now?


I've never had the ability before to bring such an amazing opportunity to NaturalNews readers. Pardon the cliche, but this is truly a ground floor opportunity. The company was just launched in September. It's barely a few weeks old, and yet its product holds tremendous promise for multi-year success. I've never before seen a combination of the RIGHT product with the RIGHT compensation plan at the RIGHT time. When I discovered this, I jumped on it, and I promised to bring it to my email subscribers ahead of the site-wide rollout. That's why you're receiving this email right now.


This window of opportunity is only open until October 27. There will never be a better time to join the NaturalNews Moxxor team than right now. I doubt I'll ever see this triple-play combination again. This situation is so unique and so valuable that I actually had to edit my email here to avoid sounding ridiculously excited about it. The truth is, this may be the most important email I ever send you on the topic of your own financial prosperity.


Please consider this carefully, because tomorrow, I'm emailing this same email to the next 10,000 subscribers on this list. I'll be doing that right up to October 27th, at which point the ads roll out across the entire website and the real fun begins.


I truly hope to see you on the NaturalNews Moxxor team. You will LOVE this product, and you'll HAVE FUN with the revenue generating opportunity. If you join today, you'll be invited to hear me LIVE next Tuesday evening at 6pm for the NaturalNews Moxxor team update.


Enroll now at:


Or contact one of our team leaders at:


If you have more questions, see our FAQ document at:


To your health (and wealth),

- Mike Adams

The Health Ranger




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