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Just posted: How to build your financial safety net - 12 ways to survive financial turmoil

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If you're currently receiving a paycheck from a government organization or a corporation that sells things to consumers, your paycheck may be at risk. The third wave of bankruptcy will hit corporations hard this Christmas, and the fourth wave will devastate cities, states and nations. California is already bankrupt and New York looks to be approaching its own financial abyss.


What can you do to protect your income?


NaturalNews readers have been asking me for over a year to put together a report on how to build a financial safety net by creating new income streams for yourself... income that isn't dependant on any employer. In response to that request, I've put together a detailed special report that's now posted for all NaturalNews readers. This report is entitled How to Build Your Financial Safety Net: Twelve Ways to Achieve Prosperity During (and After) the Global Financial Crisis. It's available right now at:


I've handed over many of my best online business secrets in this report. It teaches you:


income streams* Why the financial bailout will sharply devalue the dollar
* Why paychecks, pensions and employee benefits may be at risk
* How to best insulate yourself (and your money) from financial turmoil
* Five things you should never buy (or spend money on) in pursuit of income streams
* How to determine which activities will keep you happy while earning revenue
* The 18 "basic human drivers" that influence ALL consumer purchasing decisions
* How to tap into the 18 human drivers in a way that's profitable and enjoyable
* Detailed examples of generating revenue streams from hobbies or interests
* The five absolute rules of marketing anything (without spending a fortune)
* Seven key ways to generate income streams on any topic
* Key questions to ask yourself that will practically guarantee your success
* Why the global financial situation demands new action to create new income streams
* Which ways of creating income streams are easier, more portable, and more profitable
* The five steps to successful action that turn hopeful dreams into revenue streams
* Fifteen online resources to help with marketing, customer communications and more
* The nutrition secret to successful business: Why your diet determines your success


Read it right now at:


I believe that pensions, retirement funds, paychecks and even savings accounts are now at risk of being sharply devalued due to inflation of the currency. Read my article on the Federal Reserve's attack on the U.S. economy to learn why:


There are TWO crucial strategies I'm now advocating to survive this global financial crisis:


1) Shift your savings OUT of dollars and INTO other, safer currencies.


2) BUILD a reliable income stream that can outlast the dollar, outlast the wave of bankruptcies and even outlast any government.


These two strategies are now being aggressively pursued by those who wish to be financially secure during (and after) this global financial crisis (which now threatens the entire U.S. money supply).


This special report was originally planned to be offered for sale, but in receiving so many emails from readers concerned about the economy, their incomes and their life savings, I decided to post the entire report online at no charge. That's why you can access it right now:


U.S. Treasury Freezes Gold Mints, Gold Coin Sales

As of yesterday, the U.S. government has shut down its gold mints. No more official gold coins are being minted in the United States of America. The sales of all U.S. Treasury gold coins has been frozen until further notice. All American Eagle gold coins are sold out across the nation. There are simply no more coins left.


Why would the U.S. government freeze the production and sale of gold coins right in the middle of peak demand for those coins?


There are two possible answers to this. The first reason is called "Executive Order 6102," signed into law in 1933 by FDR. You can read about it here:


The second reason -- which I admit is speculative at this point -- is that the mints are being converted over to stamp out coins in a NEW currency designed to replace the dollar. When the dollar collapses (which could happen in a matter of months or years, depending on the global finance situation), the U.S. needs to be ready to introduce a replacement currency, at which point the citizens will be offered perhaps five cents on the dollar to exchange worthless dollars for the new currency. By the way, there is speculation that the new currency will be the Amero, but I should warn you that a lot of the information floating around the internet on the Amero is pure nonsense based on privately-minted "Amero" coins that have nothing to do with the U.S. Treasury.


In any case, the U.S. gold mints have been frozen, and gold coin sales from the mints are frozen. Historically, this is a possible precursor to gold confiscation. It is a sign that the federal government is desperate in its attempts to limit the financial options of the People. The government, simply put, doesn't want the People to be able to buy any more gold, because there's a rush right now OUT of the dollar and INTO gold.


What does all this have to do with your paycheck? Once again, if you work for any government -- as a teacher, police officer, accountant, administrator, park ranger, university professor or otherwise -- your paycheck is right now based on a system that is crumbling with each passing hour. Whether it will still exist twelve months from now is little more than a wild guess.


Financial security means having control over the sources of your income, and if you work for somebody else right now, you don't have that control. Although going into business for yourself isn't for everyone, I genuinely believe it is currently the best avenue for attaining control over your income and protecting yourself from the economic turmoil we're watching unfold.


Most people don't know how to start a business, or even how to control expenditures. That's why I put this report together: To show people how to avoid the common mistakes while finding an income stream idea that's aligned with your own interests. I teach you the five ways to market anything, and the seven ways to build income streams on any topic (there are only seven ways, period). This report is packed with ideas, resources and even links to a few income streams you can get off the ground right now. Everything is low cost and low risk. Get all the details yourself at:


Finally, I want to emphasize that all successful income building requires effort. Every idea you'll discover in this report requires you to commit time, effort and intention to the project. These aren't "do nothing" ideas. These are solid, proven income stream generation strategies that will work as well as you apply effort to them.


Building your own income stream takes hard work. Be prepared for that. But with the information offered in this report, you'll have valuable guidance to make sure that your time and effort pay off with the highest rewards possible.


Protect yourself from the economic turmoil. Take action now while the window of opportunity is still open.

I also recommend The Complete Investor newsletter by Stephen Leeb. Click here to subscribe.


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