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Health Revolution Tour launching in 2009 - Key U.S. cities to host live events

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RE: Special announcement - Health Revolution Tour launching in 2009: New York, L.A., Miami, San Francisco, Chicago and more...

Here's a heads up announcement about our Health Revolution Tour that's in the works. This is the pre-announcement for potential vendors and sponsors. The full "official" announcement for attendees will be on later on this month. The behind-the-scenes buzz on this has been incredible! Check this out:

NaturalNews is helping launch a health revolution tour beginning in March of 2009 that will bring live "health revolution" events to key cities across the United States. NaturalNews is partnering with organizers to create the event, which is planned to appear in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Seattle and potentially other key cities.

Each event is a one-day natural health celebration / rally that features inspiring keynote speakers, vendor tables, healthy product samples, and a phenomenal schedule of educational and motivational events.

The purpose of the Health Revolution Tour is to share knowledge about natural health and green living while rallying America to support revolutionary changes at the national level, emphasizing: A national health care plan covering all Americans, expanding health care options to include natural modalities, ending FDA censorship of natural health products, reigning in Big Pharma's influence over the media and the FDA, and establishing a new era of patients' rights. A "Health Revolution Petition" will be available to sign at each event (signing it is not mandatory, however).

NaturalNews will be promoting the tour and videocasting each city's event to millions of natural health viewers online. Mike Adams, the editor of NaturalNews, will be speaking on the tour, along with other top keynote speakers, naturopathic physicians, well-known authors and celebrities (see below).

The events are scheduled to begin in mid-March and will run through mid-May, 2009. The tour is being marketed both locally and nationally, and each city's event is expected to draw well over 1,000 participants. NaturalNews will post more details about the events in the coming weeks, including an online registration process, an F.A.Q. document, a list of vendors, sponsors and speakers and much more.

Event sponsors and vendors get involved now

Starting today, we are opening the doors for vendors and sponsors to get involved.

Vendors have a physical presence at the event, with a table in the main ballroom and an opportunity to give out samples, meet participants and sell products to attendees.

Sponsors appear in the program guide, on the main screen on stage, and in a directory of sponsors to be listed on Numerous additional benefits are also available to both local and national sponsors. Contact Seth, below, to learn more.

Vendor and sponsor opportunities will fill up quickly following this announcement, so if you are interested in being either a vendor or sponsor of the Health Revolution Tour, contact Seth Leaf before January 30, 2009 as follows:

Seth Leaf, tour director:
Phone: 207-232-4384 (be patient, lines could be busy following this announcement)

Seth will take your contact information and put you on our high-priority list to receive the Vendors & Sponsors Kit which contains all the details you need to know, including event cities and dates, pricing, event rules, publicity opportunities and much more.

We welcome vendors and sponsors who offer natural health products (supplements, books, newsletters, foods, etc.), eco-friendly products (water conservation, renewable energy, green living, etc.) and even abundance-oriented strategies for financial preparedness for 2009 and beyond (precious metals, financial preparedness, etc.).

Contact Seth Leaf now to learn more about being a vendor or sponsor.

Keynote speakers invited to participate!

We already have confirmations from several top keynote speakers, and we're in the process of inviting more. At the same time, we're thrilled to receive queries from top authors, speakers or celebrities who wish to be involved.

If you're an A-level speaker, author or celebrity, and you'd like to learn more about the Health Revolution Tour in 2009, contact us through Seth Leaf (phone and email listed above). Be sure to include the word "speaker" in the subject line of your email.

If you're a well-known author, eco-conscious celebrity or naturopathic-oriented health professional, the Health Revolution Tour is an ideal opportunity to take the stage and speak freely, without censorship of any kind, on the topics that inspire you the most! As a keynote speaker, you will also receive invaluable publicity for your own work (for your non-profit, your book, your clinic, your website, your film, etc.) while connecting with the most passionate and well-informed health-conscious and eco-conscious people on the planet.

Contact us to learn more about speaking on the Health Revolution Tour.

More details about the Health Revolution Tour

The Health Revolution Tour is politically neutral, religion neutral, lifestyle neutral and 100% uncensored! Think of it as "The People's health freedom rally," where freedom, abundance and Mother Nature are the featured concepts.

The tour emphasizes health care for all, natural health principles over drugs and surgery, and a deep commitment to sustainable life on our planet. Speakers and vendors offering eco-friendly solutions are just as welcomed as those involved in natural health products. There's even a hint of positive-minded financial preparedness in the event, to help participants learn how to thrive during the difficult economic times expected throughout 2009.

The event is an upbeat, high-energy, once-in-a-lifetime experience that brings focus to the most important decisions now facing human civilization: The care of our own health and the care of the health of planet Earth. This is a grassroots-driven, people-centric event where drug companies are banned from sponsorship and the wearing of business suits is discouraged.

The planned cities are:

New York
Los Angeles
San Francisco

Additional cities are being considered, including Phoenix, Austin, and Atlanta, among others.

Information for attendees

Please do not call Seth Leaf if you are NOT a potential vendor or sponsor. Additional information for attendees will be made available here on as soon as we have the details ready for you. Here's what we do know now:

• Each event will take place on a Saturday, beginning at 8:00 am.

• Each event will take place in the ballroom of a hotel or similar venue (they will all be indoors).

• The events are being audio and video recorded; CDs and DVDs will be available for sale following each event.

• The event is driven by purpose, not commercialism. While products will be offered for sale at the event by vendors, that's so that we can support the sustainability and growth of these important players whose solutions help make the world a healthier, greener place.

• The format of the event is a series of high-energy speakers, separated by "browsing time" where participants can check out the vendors, share ideas with each other, enjoy smoothies and healthy food, or mingle with the keynote speakers and event organizers.

• There will be a very reasonable ticket price to attend, and we will have an online registration process in place when the official announcement of the tour is made.

• A higher ticket price will get you preferred seating and / or dinner with keynote speakers.

• Once we make the official announcement of the event, we will have a process for participants to register. We'll also have an FAQ document and a support email so you can get your questions answered.

Stay tuned to to learn more about the 2009 Health Revolution Tour. It's the most exciting event we've ever helped organize, and I can't wait to meet NaturalNews readers live, in person, at the cities in which this event is being planned!

- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Editor of


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