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Michael Phelps busted with a bong + New video of Health Ranger's humanitarian aid

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Super Olympian Michael Phelps -- who I previously blasted for promoting McDonald's restaurants and sugary foods to children -- has just been caught on camera smoking a bong. His agency even reportedly tried to offer a deal to News of the World to kill the photo and yank the story. But as I ask in today's article, if the world is outraged at Phelps smoking a bong, why weren't they outraged when he pushed junk food for children?


Read the full story (with photo) here:


Also today: How to help people in four simple steps!


When last in Ecuador, I engaged in a lot of humanitarian work, bringing food, clothes and compassion to homeless people and elderly living in extreme poverty. We documented a couple of the stories on video, and the first of those is now posted on NaturalNews and YouTube.


Read the full story, with video, here:


Or watch the YouTube video by itself here:


This the true story of a woman named Julia Maria, living on the side of the road in a shack with no shoes and no hope. We brought her a mattress, clothing, slippers, food and a smile! Watch the video to learn how it's done.


More stories like this are on the way...


By the way, we've had a LOT of great feedback on the Higgs Boson article about subatomic physics. If you missed that story, check it out here:


And, of course, there's been a tremendous amount of debate on the story about the mother who had 14 children but can't financially support them. She was already bankrupt with 6 children but decided to undergo in vitro fertilization and have eight more children who must now be paid for primarily by taxpayers.


Some people are actually arguing that everybody should be allowed to have essentially unlimited number of children who are then paid for by somebody else. "Children are sacred," they say. Yeah, but TWO children are sacred as well. Is it really acceptable to have fourteen children when you're broke?


It sort of reminds me of the satirical Monty Python song, "Every Sprm Is Sacred" which you can watch here:


More stories below: (some are repeated from yesterday)



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