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Oprah's thryoid problem solved! (plus other breaking health news on Steve Jobs and more)

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What's the deal with Oprah's medical "friends?" While she's suffering from devastating thyroid problems and weight gain, all the health experts around her just exploit her expanding waistline for their own personal publicity, all while giving her some of the most ridiculous health advice you've ever heard. Bob Greene, for one, stumps for McDonald's fast food!


Today, Byron Richards blows away the so-called health experts who seem to surround Oprah these days with a detailed, technically-brilliant explanation of what's really behind Oprah's thyroid problems. Read this explanation and you may learn a lot of useful details about your own thyroid, too:


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Breaking News Stories:

Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave of Absence as Complexity of Health Challenge Becomes Apparent
Vicks VapoRub Causes Severe Respiratory Problems in Children, Doctors Warn
Mouthwash Boost Oral Cancer Risk by 900%, Study Finds
FDA Routinely Ignores Financial Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Trials Relied on to Approve Drugs
Tyrannical FTC Threatens Christian Church with Imprisonment for Selling Dietary Supplements



Today's Feature Stories:


Oprah's Thyroid Problem Explained
(NaturalNews) Oprah is creating a lot of buzz after gaining forty pounds and simultaneously claiming she solved her thyroid problem. Her statements sent internet bloggers into a frenzy. How did she get off her thyroid medication? Did she really solve...

Folate Consumption Reduces Risk of Stroke by 20 Percent in Male Smokers
(NaturalNews) A higher intake of folate reduces the risk of stroke in male smokers by 20 percent, according to a new study conducted by researchers from the National Cancer Institute, the National Institutes of Health, the Karolinska Institutet and the...

Significant Proportion of Asthmatics May Have Been Over-Diagnosed
Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with asthma? If so, there is actually a good chance that you have been misdiagnosed, according to recent research conducted in Canada. In the past two decades, asthma rates have almost doubled. However...

Honey Laundering Gives Insight of Tricks to Chinese Exporting
The Seattle PI News Source recently published an article on Honey Laundering; possible tainted Chinese honey getting into the U.S. and past FDA inspectors. The honey laundering game played by Chinese exporters could be used to get numerous...

Avoid Diets High in Trans Fat, Disease and Death
The average American individual regularly eats some food high in Trans Fat. This may put average Americans at risk for diseases such as high cholesterol, type II diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer's disease, Infertility, Liver dysfunction, prostate...

Citrus Grove Weed Control Using Organic Plant Waste
Organic citrus farmers are faced with escalating production challenges such as weed control to meet consumer demands. Most people are aware that conventionally-grown citrus crops are heavily sprayed in pre and post-harvest production, leaving...

Fight Heavy Metals and Free Radicals: Achieve Oral Chelation Naturally
An unfortunate result of the toxic environment we live in is that the human body accumulates microscopic pieces of heavy metal like mercury, lead, and iron. These small pieces of metal are very destructive to the human body and it is not...

Excessive Antiviral Drug Use Increases Deadly Flu Risk
If you have a serious infection, a doctor can prescribe the right antibiotic or anti-viral drug to cure you, right? Unfortunately, that widely held belief is not only inaccurate but can be downright dangerous because infectious agents are...

Coalition of Ethics-Based Investors Aim to Stop Planting of Genetically Modified Sugar Beets
(NaturalNews) An investors' coalition called the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) has launched a campaign to secure promises from companies not to use sugar from genetically modified (GM) sugar beets. The

Natural Treatments for Coughs: Use Herbs and Homeopathy
Coughs are caused by an irritation in the lining of the throat or lungs, causing mucus build up. When you are sick, the lining of your throat and lungs becomes more sensitive. Cold air, eating or drinking, or sometimes just plain breathing...

Bras Shown to Cause Cancer
Is it possible that wearing a bra can actually cause cancer? Studies show that this is a very real possibility. The reason is that regularly wearing a bra prevents lymph drainage and circulation, which can greatly increase the possibility...

FDA Scientists Describe Corruption to Obama Transition Team
A group of federal scientists has sent a letter to President-elect Obama's transition team describing serious managerial misconduct within a division of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The letter was dated last week and was written...

Three Must-Have Superfoods
Much research has been done lately on superfoods. There is a lot of buzz about certain foods, and the truth is that it's very hard to decipher the truth behind the buzz; what foods are actually super? Well, the fact is that there are certain...

OIG Reports FDA Approved Drugs without Following Federal Safety Laws
The Office of Inspector General (OIG) has just released a damning report on the FDA's drug approval process which provides clear evidence the FDA has approved drugs without following required legal procedures. Specifically, the Food and Drug...

Antibiotics Kill Eighty Thousand Chinese a Year
If you hear of thousands of people dying in one year from drugs, you may automatically think the deaths were probably due to overdoses of addictive and illegal substances like heroin or methamphetamines, or from tainted prescription drugs...

Stay Active and Exercise to Reduce Hunger
We all know that extra workout can help us lose weight by burning more calories, but exercise can also support weight loss by suppressing the gnawing feeling of hunger which often gets in the way of our best efforts when it comes to losing...

Better Sleep with Twilight
Before the Industrial Revolution, when night arrived, the sky darkened. This was conducive to sleep, and our natural circadian rhythms. With the increased use of electricity and electric lights, we turn our nights into days and prevent sleep...

Retired Couples Urged to Set Aside $225,000 to Cover Health Care Costs
(NaturalNews) The average couple retiring in 2008 will need $225,000 just to cover its health care costs, according to a report published by Fidelity Investments. "Health-care costs have the potential to significantly erode an individual's retirement...

Hypnosis Reduces Anxiety in Children Undergoing Invasive Medical Procedures
Voiding cystourethrography (VCUG) is an invasive medical procedure involving a catheter used to examine the bladder and urethra. This procedure is often used on children and can have a negative impact on the child including distress and pain...

Movement Aims to Give Nature Legal Standing
(NaturalNews) A growing number of environmentalists and legal scholars are arguing that non-humans such as trees, rivers and animals should have legal standing to defend their rights in court, and that humans should be able to bring lawsuits on their...



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