Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blueberries slash risk of colon cancer by 57 percent

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Did you know that eating blueberries reduces your risk of colon cancer more than any pharmaceutical known to modern medicine? At the same time, blueberries also contain natural medicine that lowers cholesterol better than statin drugs. Blueberries offer truly amazing medicine (the natural medicine is found mostly in the skin of the blueberry, where the color pigmentation is located).


Read today's feature story to learn more about how blueberries reduce the risk of colon cancer. (Click the headline below.)


Note to consumers: When buying blueberries, fresh is always best. Buy organic wherever possible, but if you must buy conventional blueberries, be sure to wash them with a natural, plant-based veggie wash liquid to remove the pesticide residue. Also, be careful about buying dried blueberries. Most are made with added sugar or chemical preservatives! Be cautious and read ingredients labels to know what you're buying. Freeze-dried blueberries are the best non-fresh form to buy (or frozen, if they're organic).


Don't be fooled by the word "blueberry" in the name of the product, either. Trader Joe's currently sells a blueberry granola where the "blueberries" are made from propylene glycol! (Antifreeze for RVs...) Just because you think you see blueberries in a product, don't believe it. Blueberries are easily faked with artificial coloring chemicals and bits of dried sugar. Make sure the ingredients actually list "blueberries" as a prominent ingredient.



Health: Eating blueberries slashes colon cancer risk by 57 percent, animal study finds
A compound found in blueberries shows promise of preventing colon cancer, according to a new study. Scientists at Rutgers University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture conducted a joint study on animals, and found that the compound -- called pterostilbene...

Health: "Premium" pet food made in the same factories as cheap brands
A nationwide recall of pet foods earlier this year by processor Menu Foods has made consumers aware that many premium and brand-name pet foods are processed at the same plants and made with the same ingredients as low-end brands. Menu...

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