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Is Killing Acne Bacteria Making Your Acne Worse?

We've all read it or been
told it somewhere...

"While no one know the
cause of acne... Blah...
Blah... Blah..."

Then what do they tell you
to do about it (even though
they have no clue as to
what the actual cause of
acne is)...

"If you take this acne
bacteria fighting
anti-biotic or use this
anti-acne bacterial cream
on your skin... Blah...
Blah... Blah..."

Well, let me ask you... How
has killing acne bacteria
with creams or acne
anti-biotics worked for you
so far?

If you're like the majority
of acne sufferers it hasn't
done squat for you except
dry your skin and put you
in a constant cycle of
trying this new cream or
that new antibacterial acne
remedy when the last one
quits working.

So why didn't it work?

Here's the shocking secret
your dermatologist never
told you...

** Acne bacteria does NOT
cause acne **

Nope, it has NOTHING to do
with it.

Now don't get me wrong,
acne bacteria will cause
redness, swelling, and
inflammation, but it's NOT
the cause of your acne.

I mean, think about this...

If acne bacteria was
causing acne then acne
would be highly contagious
just like other bacterial
born diseases. You and I
both know its not

In fact, take 2 random
people.... one prone to
acne, one with perfect skin
and you "infect" the skin
of both with acne bacteria
the acne bacteria will do
absolutely nothing to the
person with already perfect

The truth is everyone's
skin has acne bacteria on
it right now...

** EVERYONE's **

... whether they suffer
from acne or not! But it
will only cause redness and
inflammation if you're
already prone to acne.

Why? I'll get to that so
stay with me.

So you've gotta be

The more you "kill" this
acne bacteria that is
naturally on everyone's
skin the more your acne


Lets think about this...

If anti-acne bacteria
agents like anti-biotics
and creams really worked
then you wouldn't see acne.
It would have been
eradicated a long time ago
with the invention of
anti-biotics just like
other bacterial born

The truth is no matter how
hard you try, if you try to
cure your acne by killing
acne-bacteria you're never
going to find the cure.

In fact, many of those
anti-bacterial treatments
such as anti-biotics can
even make your acne worse
in the long-run. (More
about this dirty little
secret in future

Acne bacteria does NOT
cause acne...

It never did!

Acne is caused by the
combination of 2 factors
and 2 factors only. See the
TRUE cause of acne...

Until you resolve those 2
factors you're going to be
constantly battling with
acne. So don't waste your
time on anything that
doesn't resolve those 2

So is it totally futile to
kill bacteria?

Well, actually there is a
particular bacteria that
can become rooted in your
internal system that
inhibits your body's
natural ability to maintain
hormonal balance.

** Killing this bacteria
will most definitely help
you with your acne
condition **

And luckily we have found a
combination of a particular
food and a herb to be very
effective at killing this
particular bacteria that
messes with hormonal

I cover this discovery in
more detail in the complete

If you didn't get your copy
yet what on earth are you
waiting for? Another
'miracle' acne bacteria
fighting cream or drug????

You already know that
doesn't work.

If your ready, and ONLY if
you're ready grab your copy

To your success,


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