Thursday, July 19, 2007

NTN new book announced: Fight for Your Health, the FDA's betrayal of America

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Dear readers,

As the editor of, I'm reaching out to you today about a breakthrough new book on health and the FDA that's so remarkable, I wish I'd written it myself.

Fight for your healthIt's called, "Fight for Your Health, exposing the FDA's betrayal of America" by Byron Richards. It's raw, powerful and downright shocking. It tells the truth about the FDA's betrayal of public health, without pulling any punches, and it will soon be in bookstores everywhere. Be sure to pick up a copy right away and dive into this masterpiece of health journalism.

Order the book from us and you'll get two free gifts not available anywhere else. One of the free gifts is my own never-before-published checklist, "The Top Ten Ways to Protect Your Health Freedom," which I wrote exclusively for readers of this book. You'll also receive a free bonus report about the cancer industry written by Dawn Prate. Both are included at no charge when you order, "Fight for Your Health" from Truth Publishing at:


  • How Big Pharma targets children for mass medication campaigns to generate obscene profits.
  • The truth about the FDA and why it now protects drug companies rather than public health.
  • How the unbridled power of corporations has corrupted modern medicine and politics.
  • How Americans are being poisoned right now with toxic chemicals dripped into municipal water supplies.
  • Why food companies are still treating consumers like guinea pigs through the use of unsafe chemical additives.
  • The scientific fraud behind the global fluoride scam.
  • Shocking details that call into question the integrity and ethics of the current head of the FDA.
  • The truth about osteoporosis drugs that drug companies will never voluntarily admit to.
  • Why statin drugs are extremely dangerous (and what to use instead).
  • Details on the FDA's sinister plan to outlaw nutritional supplements and leave Americans in a state of lifelong nutritional deficiency that generates business for drug companies.
  • The end of scientific skepticism and why doctors are now glorified drug dealers.
  • How we can WIN the war on health freedom and take back our health from the corporations and bureaucrats who are trying to destroy it!

Plus, you'll read dozens of shocking accounts of corruption, censorship and fraud involving companies like Monsanto and Eli Lilly. You'll read about the scams behind cholesterol drugs, Alzheimer's drugs and bone drugs, and you'll get it all from a 20-year veteran of the health and nutrition industry, Byron Richards, a man who very much shares my own views on the sick care industry.

I've already gone on the record saying this is one of the most important books you'll read this year. It's the book the FDA would do anything to censor from bookstore shelves if they could get away with it. Find out what the FDA is so afraid of by reading Fight for Your Health today:

Even if you don't order this book from us, do whatever you can to get your hands on it. I'm not kidding: This book is so important that I would be recommending it even if we didn't sell it. This is only the second "must-read" book I've recommended this year. The first, by the way, was the Hundred-Year Lie at:

"Should you read Fight For Your Health? Yes! Yes! Yes! It tells you what is going wrong and without this information you can not hope to salvage our health care system or maintain your own optimal health. Your life depends on your being fully informed."
-G.F. Gordon, MD DO MD (H.)

To your health,
- Mike Adams

P.S. Have a friend who still isn't convinced about Big Pharma and the FDA? Get them this book as a gift, and they'll finally start to "get it."


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