Saturday, July 7, 2007

Re: Thyroid and Acne

Your thyroid...

What is it? And does it have anything to do with acne?

Short answer...

You bet...

Long answer... Well, I need to do some explaining...

The thyroid is a gland located in your throat area. It releases a
hormone that largely determines your metabolic rate. If your
thyroid is sluggish then your body temperature drops and your
metabolism slows down.

But how does this relate to acne?

Well, the thyroid is hugely important for metabolic function. I
could ramble on several pages worth on why it is critical your
thyroid is functioning up to speed. But lets keep this focused on
the connection with acne...

You know now that the blood purity is paramount when it comes to
acne. If congestion builds up in your blood and hormones get out
of balance they you suffer acne, plain and simple.

One of the major ways your blood get "purified" is through the
body's enzyme systems... enzyme systems in the liver, the blood,
metabolic enzymes, and digestive enzymes.

The bottom line is if your enzyme systems aren't working up to pare
your blood gets "dirty". It also plays a role in how well hormones
are filtered from your blood via the liver pathways.

And that's all critical when it comes to acne!

A primary factor in how well an enzyme system works is body

Enzymes work in very tight temperature ranges.

There's not a lot of room for deviancy here.

If your thyroid gets sluggish causing your body temperature to drop
just a few degrees then your enzymes quit working... or at the very
least they become far less potent.

This causes a cascade of problems through your system. Among them
are sluggish liver function, dirt blood, and hormonal imbalance.

Now let me be completely clear.... Sluggish thyroid is only one
factor. It's not the cure.... But it is an important factor. You
need to know if your thyroid is sluggish, and if so you've gotta
"kick start" it.

How do you do that?

If you've been following the program you've already been taking
steps that feed the thyroid function without even knowing it....
You may need to take an extra step that "kicks it in the tail" so
to speak. But this would only be in an extreme case.

I'll cover this more in the private membership.

Acne if you haven't got started with your private
membership yet go to the link below...

To your success,



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